Cahir, or sometimes spelt 'Caher', Co.Tipperary, is located on the cross country line between Waterford and Limerick. The station ceased to be a block post in 1988 when the signal cabin closed and all points and sidings were removed. Prior to this, Caher could handle bagged cement and fertiliser traffic at the former goods shed located at the east end of the station. The station still retains its out of use platform on the down side, complete with footbridge and waiting room, which boasts a large Irish name board. The main station building is similar to those on the Great Southern & Western lines, despite the line had been built by the Waterford & Limerick Railway. Just west of the station is the famous Caher viaduct across the River Suir, which was the scene of two accidents, in 1959 and recently in 2003.