Cappoquin, Co.Waterford, served one of the more populated areas between Lismore and Dungarvan. The Waterford, Dungarvan & Lismore Railway opened their line between Lismore and Dungarvan in 1878, later taken over by the Great Southern & Western. The station at Cappoquin had up & down platforms, with the two storey station building located on the up side. At the eastern end of the station just beyond the down platform was the GSWR signal cabin, opposite which was the somewhat basic water tower. The stone built goods was also on the up side where the small goods yard was located.Cappoquin was a well kept station in railways days, winning many 'best station' prizes, and today it still reflects this. The station is now a private residence, and the signal cabin, water tower and goods shed remain largely intact since the Mallow to Waterford line closed in 1967. Only the down platform has been demolished. At the west end was a level crossing on the N72 road, beyond which was the impressive viaduct across the River Blackwater, which still stands on the west side of the small town.
Cappoquin Station, on the closed Mallow to Waterford line. The station had up & down platforms, but the down side platform has since been demolished after closure. The main station building, a two storey structure dating from 1878, is located on the former up platform. This view is looking towards Mallow. A mobile home business now occupies the former trackbed at the west of the station. The porch of the building at Cappoquin, which features this ornate cast iron support, dating from the 1870s. The stone built goods shed at the east end of Cappoquin Station, complete with wooden canopy. The shed remained busy until the end of the line in 1967.
The Great Southern & Western wooden built signal cabin, located unsually at the east end of the station at Cappoquin. Closer view of this GSWR wooden built signal cabin at Cappoquin Station. Although the steps have been removed the structure remains largely intact since closure in 1967. The unsual basic looking water tower at the east end of the station, complete with tank, most likely a Waterford, Dungarvan & Lismore Railway structure. The site of the level crossing at the west end of Cappoquin Station on the N72 road, which runs through the small town. This view is looking towards Mallow.
The decking from the viadcut across the Blackwater at Cappoquin has been removed. The viaduct was one of six on the railway line. Just west of Cappoquin the line crossed over the River Blackwater on this fine viaduct, consisting of iron piers and stone arches. Unfortunately the western side of the viaduct, which also crosses this small road from Cappoquin, has been demolished, a house now occupying the site of the stone arches.