Carbury, north Co.Kildare, was the only intermediate station on the branch line which ran from Nesbitt Junction on the Sligo line, to the town of Edenderry, built by the Midland Great Western Railway in April 1877. The station at Carbury consisted of single platform with a small goods yard served by a couple of sidings. The signal cabin at Carbury was removed after the branch closed to regualr passenger and goods services in 1932. The Edenderry branch remained in use however for occasional special trains until April 1963. Today, the single storey brick built station building at Carbury remains intact, as well as the single platform.
This is Carbury, the only intermediate station the Midland Great Western's branch line to Edenerry which opened in 1877. The single storey brick built station building survives as private residence. In the foreground is the single platform which remains intact. A view looking towards Enfield from the east end of Carbury Station, with platform end ramp visible on the right. The branch closed completely in April 1963. Another view taken at the east end of the former Carbury Station. On the left is the goods platform and yard. A single siding was retained here until closure in 1963. Between the yard and the station building was the signal cabin, but this was removed in the early 1930s. The former goods yard at the east end of Carbury Station, with the edge of the goods platform in the left. The former line continues ahead into the Knockor Wood. Regular goods services on the branch line ceased in September 1932.
The exterior of the red bricked station building at Carbury, opened in April 1877. The structure still retains its wooden Midland Great Western style gable end boards. This was formerly the road overbridge located just west of Carbury Station. The bridge was demolished in the early 1980s. In the distance on the hill top can be seen the ruins of Carbury Castle, dating from the 14th century. The somewhat waterlogged trackbed of the line just west of Carbury Station, viewed from the site of the old road bridge. A view looking towards Edenderry from the former road overbridge just west of Carbury Station. The trackbed along here as been partially removed since closure in 1963.
This is the former Knockor level crossing, east of station and north of Carbury village. The hump in the road is still evident where the line crossed, as well as two crossing gate posts. This is the north side of Knockor level crossing, near Carbury, with the ruins of the former crossing keepers house visible on the left. Only the chimney stack remains. Knockor level crossing near Carbury, looking east towards Enfield. On the left is one of the concrete gate posts, complete with metal hook. The ruins of the level crossing keepers house at Knockor near Carbury. The partially wooden building has been derelict for many years.
The trackbed on the east side of Knockor level crossing, with the ruins of the keepers house visible to the far right. The raised trackbed above the marshy ground is still evident here. This is the first road overbridge west of Nesbitt Juncton on the Edenderry branch. The bridge remains in situ, although the trackbed has been filled in on the eastern side. A view looking out from beneath the first road overbridge on the closed Edenderry branch. The section between the bridge and the junction with the main line at Nesbitt Jct has been partially removed by the M4 motorway.