Carrigaline, Co.Cork, was on the narrow gauge Cork Blackrock & Passage Railway line, which ran from Cork City south to Crosshaven around Cork Harbour. The section from Crosshaven through to Passage East was single track, but beyond Passage it was double track all the way to Cork City; the only double track narrow gauge line in Ireland. The Great Southern Railway took over the CB&PR in 1925, by which time the line was under competition from buses, resulting in the complete closure of the rail line in 1932.

Carrigaline Station still retains its island platform and original corrugated iron station building with canopy, but the signal cabin and goods shed are long gone. Just south of the station the line once crossed the Owenboy River on a viaduct, but today only the concrete abutments survive just off the main road to Crosshaven.
This is the corrigated iron station building at Carrigaline on the CB&PR, south of Cork City on the former closed 1932 narrow gauge line to Crosshaven. This shot shows the island platform, typical of the type found on this line. This veiw is looking north to Cork, the station building has been extended. Another view of the station building and platform, still very much intact despite having closed as long ago as 1932. The original features of Carrigaline station can still be seen, and are still in very good condition. This is the canopy and supports.
Here is a wonderful victorian scene of a train ready to leave Carrigaline station for Crosshaven. This shot is looking south on the island platform, and shows the goods shed and signal cabin also (compare this to present day shot). Just south of the station is the remains of a rail overbridge, only one of the abutments is left, but the enbankments of the line on either side remain. The station road which leads to Carrigaline station, is out of sight just to the left foreground. Well we have moved slightly further down the platform to where the signal cabin was in the last shot, again as in the victorian picture we are looking at the same view. The site of the goods shed is now a housing estate to the right, and cars now block the line. Just south of Carrigaline station, the line crossed a small estuary on what must have been a fine viaduct. Here we see one of the concrete abutments of this viaduct.