Castleconnell, Co.Limerick, is one of the small wayside stations still open on the Limerick to Ballybrophy line. The single platform station, opened in August 1858, was closed by CIE in September 1963, but was re-opened by Irish Rail in 1988. A car park has now been built on the former goods yard and sidings, but the signal cabin at the north end of the station still stands, adjacent to the level crossing which is still manually operated. Today the line between Limerick and Ballybrophy has a limited passenger service.
This is the small single platform station at Casteconnell, opened in 1858, looking north towards Ballybrophy. A view of Castleconnell from the station level crossing, looking south towards Limerick. Adjacent to the crossing can be seen the former signal cabin. A view along the tracks at Castleconnell Station. There was once a single siding and goods loading bank on the right, now occupied by a carpark. The twin armed semaphore signal at Castleconnell Station, the top arm guarding the crossing gates, and lower distant arm with its distinctive 'fishtail' end guarding a further crossing beyond the station.
A view looking towards Limerick from the south end of Castleconnell Station, showing the style of a rural Irish branch line. Castleconnell Station was originally closed in 1963, but was reopened in 1989 as the village expanded. Certain sections of the Ballybrophy to Limerick branch line still feature jointed track and bullhead rails. Here is an original pre-1925 Great Southern & Western Railway track chair at Castleconnell.