Castleknock in Dublin's western suburbs gained a new station on the Midland Great Western Railway's line to Sligo in July 1990, as part of the first upgrade to the Maynooth suburban service. Until 1990 there was no railway station between Ashtown and Clonsilla, which nowadays has been heavily built up in the last 20 years. Castleknock Station platforms have been extended and upgraded as part of the latest suburban upgrade, and the one time container that issued tickets has been replaced by the standard modern ticket office, built around 2000. The original MGWR stone road overbridge at the east end of the station still survives.
Seen passing through the suburban station at Castleknock is an afternoon Dublin to Sligo train hauled by 071 Class loco No.073, consisting of Mk2 coaching stock. This type of train has since been consigned to history on Irish Rail, although loco No.073 still remains much in service. Nowadays diesel railcars dominate the Sligo and Maynooth services. 29000 Class railcar No.29421 is framed by the 1990s spartan style footbridge at Castleknock, with a service for the Docklands in Dublin City. 29000 Class No.29119 stands at Castleknock Station on a service to Clonsilla. To the right is the Royal Canal which runs parallel with the railway line from Dublin as far as Mullingar. The canal was once owned by the Midland Great Western Railway. 071 Class loco No.077 is seen accelerating on the approach to Castleknock Station with the morning North Wall (Dublin) to Sligo empty timber train, a freight service which has since ceased.
29000 Class No.29419 pauses briefly at a quiet Castleknock Station on a cold February morning with a service from Dublin's Docklands to Clonsilla. Seen at the west end of Castleknock Station is 22000 Class railcar No.22007, speedng through on the 8:55am Sligo to Dublin train. 29000 Class railcar No.29120 coasts into Castleknock Station with a service to Dublin Connolly. The somewhat modern rusted looking station building is typical of the type found at suburban stations on the line to Maynooth. A portrait of 29000 Class No.29119, seen standing at the up platform at Castleknock with a service for Dublin Connolly, or in Irish 'Stáisiún Uí Chonghaile' as displayed on the train.
Framed by the arch of the adjacent road overbridge at Castleknock Station is No.29420. The '11' plate indicates that this is the eleventh bridge on the Sligo line from Dublin's Connolly Station. Castleknock 20080205 002 CC JA A sign warns of railcar No.29426, seen appearing around the bend at the west end of Castleknock Station on a Maynooth to Dublin Pearse service. This 4-aspect signal gives an advanced warning of the gated level crossing at the next station at Coolmine.