Castletown Halt

Castletown Halt, Co.Meath, on the disused Navan to Kingscourt branch was a short lived stopping place. The line through Castletown was opened by an the independent company in 1872, latterly taken over by the larger Midland Great Western Railway. After 1925, the then Great Southern Railway attempted to create additional revenue on this little used line and a halt was constructed in 1928 to serve the adjacent Castletown area. Consisting of just a single platform on the up side of the line adjacent to a level crossing and railway cottage, it closed in 1933. Passenger services on the Kingscourt line ceased completely in 1947, but the line remained in use for gypsum traffic right up until 2001. The branch has since fallen into dereliction, having been disconnected just outside Navan at Tara Junction.