Charlemount, Dublin City, was located on former Dublin Wicklow & Wexford's mainline from Harcourt Street to Bray, which opened in stages in 1854 and 1859. The line was originally closed by CIE in December 1958, but the Green Luas line has now partly utilised most of the former railway trackbed from Harcourt St, extending from Stephens Green down to Brides Glen near Shankill. There was never a station at Charlemont in railway days, but a new Luas stop was constructed here on the reinstated bridge across the Grand Canal. The original 1850s stone built railway embankment north of Charlemont to Harcourt St was demolished in the late 1960s and nowadays the Luas line drops down to street level to reach Stephens Green in the heart of the city centre.
This is the Charlemont Luas still under construction. This stop is located on the Grand Canal bridge, on what was once the former Harcourt St railway line. This view is looking north towards Harcourt St. A view from Charlemont looking towards Bray. Here the Luas line has been relaid on the 1850s stone embankment which carried the Harcourt St line to Bray. The original railway bridge across the Grand Canal was steel plated, mounted on stone piers. Today the modern replacement is made entirely of concrete. A view beneath the 'new' Grand Canal bridge, showing the concrete supports and steps leading up to the Luas stop at Charlemont.
A Luas tram, barely a year old, arrives at Charlemont with a southbound service to Sandyford. The original railway embankment from the Grand Canal to the Harcourt St terminus was demolished after closure in December 1958, and therefore the Luas line must descend to road level seen in the background. Spanish built Citadis tram No.4005 is seen on the rear of a service from Dublin City Centre to Sandyford. Nowadays there are two different style Luas trams in operation on the Green line, now since extended to Brides Glen. At this time the trams had yet to receive their yellow warning stripe. A general view of the Charlemont stop, looking south towards Sandyford in 2004 shortly after the Luas line opened. The usual Luas paraphernalia seen on the southbound platform at the Charlemont stop. In railway days there was never a station or halt located here.