Clonakilty Junction

Clonakilty Junction, Co.Cork, was located on the former Cork Bandon & South Coast Railway's main line from Cork to Bantry. The station at Clonakilty Jct was originally opened as 'Gaggin' by the West Cork Railway in June 1886, however it acquired its latter name when the 9 mile branch line to Clonakilty was opened in August of that year. The station at Clonakilty Jct was one of the most attractive on the West Cork lines, consisting of three platforms, the latter two been an island on which the station building and signal cabin were sited. At the west end the station was a footbridge which connected the platforms to the adjacent station masters house and forecourt. Following the closure of the West Cork lines by CIE in March 1961, the station buildings were demolished to make way for the re-aligned N71 road, and today only the station masters house and up platform survive.