Clondalkin and Fonthill

Clondalkin & Fonthill Station, west Dublin City, is one of the newest stations to be built on the main Dublin to Cork line for the Kildare Route Project, which is upgrading the main line to four tracks between Heuston and Hazelhatch. The station has four platforms, two for the main and commuter lines each. There are also two separate modern elevated booking offices, which are attached to the road overbridge. The station replaces the original Clondalkin Station, which had opened with the line in 1846, closed by CIE in 1946, reopened in 1994, and finally closed and demolished in October 2008. It was located 1km east of the new station. The station buildings at Clondalkin & Fonthill differ with simplification to the newer ones built at Adamstown and Park West & Cherry Orchard.
201 Class locomotive No.219 passes Clondalkin & Fonthill Station at speed with an afternoon southbound Dublin to Cork train. Viewed from the north end of Clondalkin & Fonthill Station, 29000 Class railcar No.29109 is seen passing the site of the original 1840s Clondalkin Station site, which finally closed in 2008. No.29409 is iseen on the rear of this 29000 railcar set, seen departing Clondalkin & Fonthill Station for Kildare. 22000 Class railcar No.22027 is seen the head of a southbound express approaching Clondalkin & Fonthill Station.
No.22218 is seen on the rear of this southbound 22000 Class railcar set passing Clondalkin & Fonthill Station. The cue ball numbering display (see previous photo) is been replaced by standard numerals, as seen on No.22218. Mk4 DVT No.4004 is seen at the head of a northbound Cork to Dublin train passing Clondalkin & Fonthill Station. 2000 Class railcar 22331 is viewed from the booking office on the rear of a northbound train passing Clondalkin & Fonthill Station. The recently opened Clondalkin & Fonthill Station, looking south towards Cork, with the standard elevated booking office above the platforms. The structure is designed differently to other new stations on the Kildare line, such as Adamstown and Parkwest & Cherry Orchard.
The modern Iarnrod Eireann platform furniture on the up platform at Clondalkin & Fonthill Station. At this time the yet to be commissioned commuter platforms were fenced off. The commuter platforms seen here at Clondalkin & Fonthill Station have since entered service. At this time the trackwork on the quadruple line had yet to be completed. Viewed from the road bridge just east of Clondalkin & Fonthill is 22000 Class railcar No.22139, seen heading along the newly laid 'up slow' line to Dublin. Mk4 DVT No.4007 is seen at the same location but travelling along the 'up fast' line towards Dublin with an express from Cork, propelled in the rear by the usual 201 Class locomotive.
The 'up' IWT liner from Ballina to Dublin's North Wall yard is hauled by 071 Class loco No.079, seen passing through Clondalkin and Fonthill with a colourful batch of containers. Another 071 Class loco at Clondalkin & Fonthill, this time No.086, seen hauling a 6-car 22000 Class railcar set to Inchicore Works. This 22k railcar had previously caught fire while operating a service on the Galway line and was returning to Inchicore for servicing. Normally employed on the Dublin-Belfast 'Enterprises', 201 Class loco No.207 brings the Ballina to Dublin IWT liner past Clondalkin & Fonthill. On this occasion the train is made up of the pocket wagons. The former residents of the houses behind the train vacated this location when the new lines were laid. Another 'Enterprise' 201 Class loco, No.233, takes the curve on the approach to the former station at Clondalkin with a 'down' Mk4 express from Dublin to Cork.
Despite being so close to Dublin City's suburbs, a rural view can still be obtained from the platforms. The new Clondalkin & Fonthill Station replaces the original Clondalkin Station, which opened in 1846 and was closed by CIE in 1947. This station reopened in 1994, lasting just over 18 years before closing again in October 2008.