Clongriffin, on the extremity of Dublin City's northern suburbs, is a new residential development constructed near the Dublin to Belfast main line between Howth Junction and Portmarnock. As part of the development, a new modern station was opened at Clongriffin in early 2010. The station has four platforms, but only the main up & down platforms are currently in use, with track currently been laid on the down side which will serve as a relief platform for DART services. The booking office is similar to those built at other new Irish Rail stations, with the structure located above the railway line which connects to a road bridge.
Northern Ireland Railway's 111 Class locomotive No.8113 races through the newly opened station at Clongriffin on a return Railway Preservation Society of Ireland special from Dublin, formed of their green liveried British Rail Mk2 stock. 'Enterprise' trailer No.9001 is seen on the rear of the 13:20 Dublin to Belfast service as it slowly passes the permanent way work at the north end of Clongriffin Station. The newly laid track on the left will serve the down relief platform. A track machine is seen on the main line heading north through the station, passing a road/rail excavator seen working on the track for the newly laid down relief line, which as indicated by the signs will serve platform No.3 at Clongriffin. The 071 Class leader, No.071, leads the midday freight train from Tara Mines to Dublin Port, seen approaching Clongriffin with its rake of graffitied ore wagons.
Seen at the same location at the north end of Clongriffin,' DVT No.9002 rounds the curve on the last leg of its journey from Belfast on the 12:35 service to Dublin. 201 Class loco No.207 propels slowly the 12:35 Belfast to Dublin 'Enterprise' through Clongrffin Station. The view south from Clongriffin towards Dublin faces the sun for most of the day. 8500 Class DART No.8628 is seen approaching Clongriffin with a stopping service from Malahide. To the far left can be seen work on laying the down relief line which at this time had yet to be connected to the main line. A new covered up LED colour light signal is also seen awaiting commission. 071 Class 085 leads a rake of empty ballast hoppers on the approach to Clongriffin Station having deposited its load on the main line north of Malahide.
A 2800 Class diesel railcar leads a commuter service through Clongriffin Station on a southbound Drogheda to Dublin service. In the background can be see one of the apartments associated with the Clongriffin residential development. Clongriffin Station, looking south towards Dublin from the end of the up platform. A set of newly installed LED colour light signals can be seen awaiting commission. The furthest on the right on the down side at this time had no track to serve. A view looking north towards Belfast from the steps leading down from the modern booking office at Clongriffin. The residential development between the sea and railway line here has yet to materialise. A view looking north towards Belfast from the southern end of Clongriffin Station, showing the wide concrete bridge which spans the railway line.
The bright and open booking office at Clongriffin, built to one of Irish Rail's more modern designs which are elevated above the railway line. Currently only the Malahide DART services call at the station. The exterior of Clongriffin Station, located on the bridge which spans the railway line. The bridge has yet to be fully completed due to the lack of development on the up side of the line.