Clontarf Road

Clontarf Road Station, located at the north end of Fairview DART depot in Dublin City, was opened in 1997. The station was one of the first of the newer style suburban stations to be built by Irish Rail, and now serves both the Clontarf and Fairview areas. The already mentioned DART depot, and stabling sidings which partly flank the up side of the station, were in fact first built by the Great Northern Railway in the late 1950s as their diesel railcar depot, which was then expended with the introduction of the electrified DART trains in 1984. Further expansion of the depot has resulted in newer longer stabling sidings been built on the down side of the line at the south end of the station. Prior to the mid 1970s, the sea used to actually come right up against the embankment where Clontarf Rd Station is now situated.