Collooney SLNCR

This is the Sligo Leitrim & North Counties Railway station in Collooney, Co Sligo, which was location on the former 1881 built line from Enniskillen to Sligo, which closed in 1957 and was lifted two years after in 1959. The SLNCR station in Collooney boasted two platforms, signal cabin and corrugated iron station buildings and goods shed. Today, only the overgrown platforms remain, the rest of the buildings have been demolished, although the concrete base of the water tower remains. There was a level crossing at the Sligo end of the station, and just beyond it the line crossed the Ballysadare River on a low girder bridge, to which only one of the parapets remains.

There was a link line which diverged towards the Great Southern & Western's station just west of the town, and this link line passed beneath the present Midland Great Western's Sligo line. The line was used mainly for storing goods wagons. The SLNCR joined the MGWR line to Sligo at Carrignagat Jct just to the north. The trackbed between the SLNCR station and junction has been built over by the new N4 road.
This is the ramp of the former down platform at Collooney SLNCR Station. The main station buildings were located on the down side of the line. The SLNCR's Collooney Station, now very much overgrown. This shot is looking towards Sligo showing the ends of both platform ramps. A view looking east towards Enniskillen from the end of the down platform, showing the curving trackbed of the former line as it heads towards Ballygawley. This is the concrete base of the one time water tower at the end of the up platform at Collooney SLNCR Station.
A view along the former down platform at the SLNCR station at Collooney, looking towards Enniskillen showing its overgrown state. A view looking west towards Sligo from the former down platform. The corrugated iron station buildings were once located on the left. A shot of the old access road leading up the where the station building was sited. The buildings were quickly dismantled following closure of the SLNCR line in October 1957. This was the one time cattle dock at the former SLNCR Collooney Station. The 1950s concrete paving was used at some Irish country stations. Cattle was an important traffic for the SLNCR.
A view looking towards Sligo from the west end of the station showing the remaining abutment of the former bridge which carried the line over the Ballysadare River. The SLNCR station at Collooney once had a connection to the former Great Southern & Western's 'Collooney South'. This little used line diverged to the west to pass beneath the Midland Great Western's Sligo line to enter the GSWR station. This is the trackbed of the former line from a nearby road overbridge.