Coolmine, in the suburbs of west Dublin on the Sligo line, was originally an early block post established here by the Midland Great Western Railway, but was taken out of use in 1906. In July 1990, as part of the suburban Maynooth line upgrade, a new basic station was built here. Once again, just as Castleknock, a container with a window issued the tickets, but this was replaced in 2000/2001 with the typical modern Irish Rail booking. The footbridge however dates from the station's opening in 1990. There are two level crossings in the Coolmine area, one at the west end of the station, the other nearer to Clonsilla on the Porterstown road. Porterstown is a small crossing, adjacent to which is the now derelict gate keepers house, taken out of use when the gates were automated.
A busy scene at Coolmine Station sees 29000 Class railcars Nos.29403 & 29423 pass each other while working commuter services between Maynooth and Dublin City. What appears to be a rural scene in the western suburbs of Dubln, 22000 Class Intercity railcar No.22020 approaches Coolmine at speed on a morning service to Sligo. Seen at the same location, 071 Class loco No.085 approaches Coolmine with the Dublin North Wall to Sligo empty timber train. This timber service from Sligo to Waterford via Dublin has since ceased. 29000 Class railcar No.29121 approaches Coolmine Station with a train from the Docklands to Clonsilla. This service from the Docklands in Dublin has since been extended along the reopened line to Dunboyne.
A clean 071 Class loco No.073 has climbed the gradient from Castleknock to Coolmine with its empty timber train bound for Sligo. 073 was built by General Motors in 1976 and is seen here shortly after it had been repainted into the silver & black livery. 29000 Class railcar No.29112 heads out of Coolmine Station with a service to Clonsilla. In the foreground can be seen the station level crossing at Coolmine, once manually gate operated until 2001. One of Irish Rail's many permanent way vehicles, No.742, is seen heading west through Coolmine Station. A general view of the suburban Coolmine Station, looking west from the down platform towards Maynooth and Sligo. The platforms at Coolmine are partially staggered.
Coolmine Station opened in July 1990. It received a modern booking office, visible on the left beyond the down platform, with the upgrading of the line to Maynooth in 2000. The tall concrete footbridge dates from opening in 1990. Coolmine was originally the location of a blockpost and signal cabin in Midland Great Western Railway days. The cabin controlled the adjacent level crossing. The blockpost was abolished by the MGWR in the late 1900s. This is the level crossing west of Coolmine at Porterstown. Like the station level crossing at Coolmine it was manually operated until the Maynooth line was upgraded in 2000 and 2001, and now has full automatic barriers seen here. A view looking west towards Maynooth at Porterstown level crossing on a misty morning.
A view looking east towards Coolmine and Dublin. The large concrete carries a nearby road across the railway and Royal Canal at Porterstown.