Corbetstown station, Co.Kilkenny, was the only intermediate station constructed on the branch line from Kilkenny (Castlecomer Jct) to Castlecomer, opened in 1922. The line was built primarily to serve the coal deposits found at Deepark, and not for passengers, the services of which ceased operating after 1931. The Castlecomer branch closed completely in January 1963. The station at Corbetstown was located alongside the N78 road, and the derelict single storey station building remains, but the short single platform has long since been removed.
The much overgrown station building at Corbetstown, as viewed from the adjacent N78 road. Only a short wooden platform existed on the railway side of the building, long since vanished since closure of the railway in 1963. Another view of the single storey station building at Corbetstown. This view from the N78 road is looking north towards Castlecomer. The station closed to passengers way back in January 1931. This was the site of Corbetstown level crossing, located just north of the station. The line crossed the N78 road at right-angles and heading down the gravel road. The gate keepers house is visible in cente of the picture. The site of Corbetstown level crossing, looking south towards the station and Kilkenny. The line would have emerged from the hedge visible to the left and crossed the road.
The standard gate keepers house at Corbetstown crossing, visible from the N78 road. The structure has been extended slightly. A small twin-arched culvert bridge located just north of Corbetstown crossing on the line towards Castlecomer. Like other structures on the line, it is made from prefabricated concrete. Another view of this small culvert bridge north of Corbetstown, the trackbed across the bridge is very overgrown. The small river is the Douglas River, and this view is looking north towards Castlecomer. There are a few accommodation level crossings north and south of the station at Corbetstown, visible from the N78. This one retains its original iron gate, with the railway trackbed on the other side.
Another accommodate crossing, just south of Corbetstown station. Both iron gates survive across the railway trackbed. In the foreground is a stye for accessing the one time level crossing, viewed from the N78 road. This is an unaltered gate keepers house south of Corbertstown, dating from the 1920s. It is of the exact same design found at every crossing on the line to Castlecomer, and the Athy-Wolfhill railway line, built at the same time. This house, visible from the N78 road, once guarded 'Mohill Crossing'.