Crossbarry, Co.Cork, located on the former Cork Bandon & South Coast Railway's line from Cork to Bantry, was once the junction for the branch line to Kinsale, which was constructed by the Cork & Kinsale Jct Railway, and opened in June 1863. Latterly operated by the CBSCR, the branch line was the first to be closed under the amalgamated Great Southern Railway in September 1931. Kinsale Junction Station itself was renamed 'Crossbarry' following the branch line's demise and remained open until closure of the West Cork lines by CIE in March 1961. Crossbarry had three platforms, with the main building on the up side, now a private residence. On the down side was an island platform on which the signal cabin and wooden waiting room were once located. Today the platforms remain in good condition, although only the shell and foundation of the signal cabin survives.
The station building at Crossbarry is now a private house, seen here. This view is looking west towards Bantry. Only a short section of the platform remains at this end. The former Crossbarry Station, looking east towards Cork from main line trackbed. The up and down platforms remain, the latter on the right once had a face serving the Kinsale branch. The Cork Bandon & South Coast Railway style gate and posts remain at the entrance to the former Crossbarry Station, adjacent to the R589 road. Although it closed as a junction for the Kinsale branch in September 1931, the station remained in use until March 1961. This is the former up platform at Crossbarry Station, looking west towards Bantry. The base of two former water cranes for steam locomotives survive at the station.
This is base of the one time water crane, located at the east end of the down platform at Crossbarry. This was the island platform at Crossbarry, which served in the down side of the station. The station building can be seen in the background. This side of the platform served the branch line trains to Kinsale until 1931. This is the remains of the rear of the former brick built signal cabin at Crossbarry Station, which stood in the centre of the island platform. An unknown structure located on the former island platform at Crossbarry Station, probably added after the railway closed in March 1961. The footbridge was also once located here.
The foundation base of the former signal cabin at Crossbarry, located on the island platform. This view is looking east towards Cork. On the former up platform are the remains of the one time wooden waiting shelter, the concrete base of which is all that is left today. This was the site of the one time turntable at Crossbarry, which steam locomotives used while operating on the Kinsale branch. The table was removed after closure of the branch line in 1931. A view looking towards Cork from the east end of Crossbarry Station. There was a farm level crossing located here, which is still used to access a field on the right.