Culloville, Co.Monaghan, is located on the former Great Northern Railway's Irish North West line from Dundalk to Enniskillen, which opened in June 1858 but lost its passenger service in 1957, and closed completely in 1959. Only the station masters house, up platform and brick built signal cabin base remains at Culloville, the rest of the station buildings have since been demolished. The trackbed is partly used as a private driveway and passes beneath a farm overbridge and through a cutting at the west end of the station. In the village of Culloville there are some items commemorating the former railway line.
Today only the down platform at the former Culloville Station remains, along with the base of the signal cabin. Another view of Culloville's down platform, looking west towards Clones, with the gap in the platform face for the signal wires visible. Only the retaining wall of the platform remains on the up side of the station. The single storey concrete built station building has been demolished. This is the brick built base of the former Great Northern Railway signal cabin at Cullovile. Part of the wooden structure remains.
The concete base of the time wooden Great Northern waiting shelter on the down platform at Culloville. A view looking towards Clones on the down platform at Culloville Station. In the distance can be seen a metal farm overbridge. This picture at Culloville Station shows two railway men posing at the Clones end of the station, with that farm overbridge just visable in the background. A Great Northern U Class 4-4-0 arrives at the station. A closer view of the eastern side of the this unusual looking metal overbridge at the west end of Culloville.
A distant view of Culloville Station, looking east towards Dundalk. As seen here the former trackbed at the west end of Culloville has been converted into a driveway for a nearby house. This is the original station gate, located at the entrance to Culloville Station. It is a typical GNR design. The railway is not forgottten in Culloville; at the centre of the village is this memorial to the station. Some information about the railway in Culloville and the important role it played in the townland. The station closed in October 1957, but the line was not finally lifted until 1961.