Fiddown and Portlaw

Fiddown & Portlaw Station, south Co.Kilkenny, is located on the cross country Waterford to Limerick line, which was opened by the Waterford & Limerick Railway in 1853, and later taken over by the Great Southern & Western in 1901. The section of line from Fiddown to Waterford West was once double track, but this was singled in the period between 1929 and 1930 by the Great Southern Railway. Generally known as just Fiddown, the station consisted of up & down platforms, with the main station buildings located on the down side. The large W&LR station building survives as a private residence, as does the small GSWR signal cabin which is now reduced to a gatebox protecting the level crossing on the old N24 road through Fiddown village. The small goods at the east end of the station also survives, complete with wooden canopy. Although the station closed to passengers in 1963, it remained a block post until 1978, after which the loop and sidings were removed. Today only the up platform has been demolished but still retains its small waiting room.
Fiddown Station, as viewed from the level crossing at the west end of the station. The railway crosses the old N24 road between Waterford and Limerick, now known as the R698. The well kept two storey station building at Fiddown, now a private residence. The station has not seen a regular passenger since 1963. The large station building at Fiddown, built in 1853 by the Waterford & Limerick Railway. The station is located just off the old N24 road which runs through the village. The porch entrance at Fiddown Station, showing some Waterford & Limerick style architecture.
The Great Southern & Western style signal cabin on the down platform at Fiddown. This cabin was reduced to a simple gatebox controlling the level crossing after 1978. Side on view of the small waiting room located on what was the up platform at Fiddown. It remains largely intact, complete with wooden bench. Located at the east end of Fiddown Station is the small goods shed, used until 1978. A siding was once located to the rear of the structure. On the down platform at Fiddown, looking west towards Limerick, with the signal cabin, station building and level crossing in view. The loop serving this platform was removed in 1978 when the station ceased to be block post.
On the down platform at Fiddown are the concrete posts of what was the station nameboard, one wonders where it exists now. Close up of these standard level crossing gates first installed by CIE as early as 1960. Some of the lamps are still oil lit. Presently there is no urgency to replace these with automatic barriers. folderimage folderthumb