Lucan South

The former Lucan South Station, west of Dublin City, was opened by the Great Southern & Western Railway in August 1846, but closed to passengers and goods traffic in June 1947. It remained a block post however until the late 1970s, retaining its signal cabin and sidings. The old up & down platforms as well as the derelict station buildings were demolished in the mid 1980s and today only the platform retaining wall on the down side of the line remain. It was thought that this station would eventually reopen, but now an entirely new station serving the Adamstown residential development was opened a little south of the station site. The new section of quadruple line through Lucan South between Dublin and Hazelhatch was eventually completed in 2010.
A 201 Class locomotive in orange Irish Rail livery, heads north past the remains of the closed 1947 station of Lucan South. Today there are now four tracks along here. Seen from the road overbridge just east of the former Lucan South Station, 201 Class loco No.225 heads a southbound afternoon express. The remains of the down platform at Lucan South, visible on the left. A siding was installed here in 1918 to allow materials to be unloaded for the construction of the nearby Baldonnell Aerodrome. There was also a 12 inch narrow gauge line which ran north from the siding to the aerodrome. At the road overbridge at the east end of the former lucan South is what appears to be a pedestrian entrance to the former station.
All the station buildings on the up side of the line at Lucan South Station were demolished in the mid 1980s. The Adamstown residential development is on the right. Nowadays four tracks stretch from Heuston to Hazelhatch. 22000 Class railcar No.22206 heads past the one time Lucan South Station with a southbound service from Dublin, formed of two 3-car units. 'Intercity' liveried 201 Class loco No.218 passes alongside the remains of the former down platform at Lucan South Station, with the 'down' IWT freightliner from North Wall to Ballina. Approaching from the south is 071 Class loco No.084, heading a rake of bogey flat wagons loaded with brand new concrete sleepers, bound for stabling in Dublin's North Wall yard.
With rain showers on the horizon, an 'up' express from Cork to Dublin approaches Lucan South at speed, with Mk4 trailer No.4005 leading. Another express from Cork, this time with Mk4 DVT No.4003 leading, overtakes the Ballina to Dublin IWT liner near Lucan South. 'Enterprise' liveried 201 Class loco No.209 runs along the 'up slow' line on the approach to the former Lucan South Station with the Ballina to Dublin liner, formed of the standard container flat wagons. A 2-car 2700 Class railcar, with No.2706 trailing, works an empty transfer working from Inchicore to Limerick, seen at the south end of Lucan South.