Mogeely, east Co.Cork, is located on the disused Cobh Jct to Youghal line, which was opened in February 1860 by the Cork & Youghal Railway. Regular passenger services on the Youghal line ceased in 1963, but Sunday passenger excursion and sugar beet/goods trains continued to run until the late 1970s. Up to 1987, Knock pilgrimage trains and GAA specials traversed the Youghal line and but it has since fallen into a severe state of dereliction beyond Midleton. Mogeely consists of a single platform, small brick built station building and goods shed, loop and siding. The small neat wooden signal cabin is gone, and its lever frame is now dumped in the former goods yard .The east end of Mogeely is very much overgrown, as is the east side of the adjacent station level crossing, the gates of which were recently renewed for no real purpose. Whilst the section between Cobh Jct to Midleton was reopened in 2009, the line beyond to Mogeely and Youghal remains derelict.
In April 1977, 001 Class locomotive No.009, calls at Mogeely Station with the Cork to Youghal goods train. On the left is the small signal cabin. ©Jonathan M.Allen A 2005 view of the derelict Mogeely Station, looking west towards Cork. The signal cabin was demolished in the early 1990s following years of disuse. In foreground is the station level crossing. The small Cork & Youghal Railway brick built station building at Mogeely, dating from 1860. A view looking east towards Youghal on the disused Mogeely Station platform. In the background can be seen the level crossing. A few of the platform lamps remain in situ here.
Looking west towards Cork along the derelict platform at Mogeely Station. The track along here is heavily overgrown. Mogeely had a passing loop, but only ever had one platform. The small goods shed at Mogeely Station, complete with platform, located on the down side of the station. Sugar beet traffic was handled here until 1982. The gated level crossing at the east end of Mogeely Station. These wooden gates have since been replaced by plastic types. The small Mogeely village itself is located off to the left. The buffer stop loacted at the end of the single siding serving the goods shed at Mogeely Station. In the foreground is the crossing gate from the east side of the crossing.
On the east side of Mogeely level crossing is larger goods loading bank, complete with loop siding. This platform was also used by lorries which tipped their sugar beet loads into railway wagons here. The level frame from the former Mogeely signal cabin remains dumped beside the goods shed. A good old McKenzie & Holland lever frame, that of Mogeely's signal cabin. The cabin was last used in 1987 when a special train travalled to Youghal. One of the lever plates on the Mogeely's signal cabin frame.
Just east of Mogeely is Roxborough level crossing. The derelict gate keepers house and crossing gates are seen here, though the latter has since been removed. Hard to believe it was only 1987 when the last train passed through here.