The county town of Wexford was first served by rail when the Dublin Wicklow & Wexford Railway extended their mainline south from Enniscorthy to Wexford in August 1874, with a temporary terminus originally sited at Carcur further located north of the current station. In November 1882, the Great Southern & Western Railway made an end-on connection with the DWWR when they constructed their line north from Rosslare Harbour, via the Wexford quays to the station. This would come part of the main Dublin to Rosslare line.

The station was once known as 'Wexford North', in conjunction with the GSWR's 'Wexford South' Station. The station has a single platform with a single story station building, complete with canopy. At the north end of the station is the 1895 constructed DWWR signal cabin, out of use since 1982 following closure of the station as a signalling block post. The large goods shed at the south end of the station also survives. There was also once a large locomotive shed on the down side, but this is now long since gone. Access to the former goods yard is now controlled by a ground frame, and in recent years a new loop was installed at the north end of the station.
A freshly painted 071 Class locomotive No.072 stands at Wexford Station with a Dublin to Rosslare Harbour service.  No.079 was built by General Motors at La Grange Illinois USA in 1976, entering service the following year. 141 Class locos Nos.147+144 stand at Wexford Station having just arrived on an Irish Railway Record Society special from Dublin to Rosslare. Mounted on the front of the 1962 built loco is the IRRS headboard. 071 Class loco No.081 in black & silver livery is seen shunting the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland 'South Wexford' railtour from Dublin. The train is been propelled back into the passing loop at the north end of the station. Loco No.081 now stands at the north end of Wexford Station with the RPSI's 'South Wexford' railtour from Dublin to Rosslare and Waterford, consisting of vintage Mk2 stock.
Another IRRS special, formed of a 2800 Class railcar with No.2815 leading, is seen at Wexford Station. In this view is the ornate Dublin Wicklow & Wexford Railway style canopy. South of Wexford Station the line to Rosslare Harbour passes along the quayside at the town, paralleling the main R730 road. The warning lights complete with steam locomotive sign protect the adjacent R741 road which crosses the railway here. In May 1982, 141 Class loco No.158 leads a train across the R741 road at the south end of Wexford Station en route to Rosslare Habour. Behind No.158 is a 121 Class loco. Until the late 1990s the quay at Wexford was very narrow. ©Barry Carse A more recent view of the same location sees 22000 Class diesel railcar No.22220 heading out of Wexford Station with a Dublin to Rosslare service.
A view along the quay at Wexford, with No.22320 forming the rear unit on this Rosslare Harbour bound service. There is a strict 5-mph speed limit along this stretch of the line. In September 1981, 001 Class loco No.030 leads a rake of bagged fertilizer wagons along the quay at Wexford, heading for the South Wexford line. Before the quay was redeveloped, the boom masts of adjacent ships, as well as parked cars, often blocked trains. ©Daniel McFadden 071 Class locomotive No.079 runs along the River Slaney north of Wexford town with Irish Rail's annual weed spraying train from Dublin. In the background is Ferrycarrig Castle. The weed spraying train is now seen stabled in the siding on the down side of the station. Until closure of the signal cabin in 1982 there was a passing loop at this end of Wexford.
Loco No.079 leads the weed spraying down the quays south of Wexford Station, en route to to Waterford via the 'South Wexford' line. A majority of important Dublin South Eastern Railway line stations had only one platform, as seen here at Wexford. This 2002 view is looking north towards Dublin. Wexford, looking south towards Rosslare, with the upgraded concrete sleepers and long welded rails and colour light signal. In the background is the large DWWR goods shed. The milepost visible on the left is measured from Harcourt St Station in Dublin City. Closed since 1982, this is the DWWR style 1895 built signal cabin, located at the north end of Wexford. At this time the loop was been re-instated.