About Eiretrains

Since July 2007 this website has been displaying my photographs featuring the past and present day railway network in Ireland. In my travels over the last 10 years I have visited some 400 locations and with time there will be hopefully many more to come. Some pictures feature trains, old & new, as well as the railway stations themselves.

With each location photographed, I have attempted to provide some brief history and relevant details of the particular stations and lines. Many of these railway lines and stations in Ireland are changing, some gradually disappearing while others have been restored to use.

In addition to photographs, my Irish railway videos can be viewed on the Eiretains youtube channel.

I have also been privileged to use many excellent photographs contributed by fellow rail photographers, and these images of mainly historical value have helped in emphasising the past & present theme that features in the many of the photo-galleries. Since 2007 I have also received many other photographic and historical material for inclusion on the website, as well countless messages of interest and support; which is much appreciated!

Contact Eiretrains

Comments on the website are welcome to ciaran@eiretrains.com.

Please note that I cannot assist with genealogical enquiries for railway stations, I do not have the information, enquiries of this nature should be directed to the archives of the Irish Railway Record Society.

All images displayed on this website are copyright to Ciaran Cooney/Eiretrains unless otherwise stated, for photo enquires please use the contact provided, thanks.