Summer 2013

Selection of trains photographed during July and August of 2013, featuring a variety of freight, mainly Tara Mines and timber operations, as well as the odd PWD train and passenger working. Also included is the IRRS railtour from Dublin to Cork, Cobh and Midelton, headed by new and old liveried 071 Class locomotives 071+073.
071 Class locomotive 072 rounds the curve past the former Wicklow Junction with a loaded track panel train en route from Portlaoise PWD yard to Wexford. The rebuilt Wicklow Junction signal cabin can be seen to the right. A rusty looking locomotive 081 shunts a portion of the IWT liner train in East Wall yard prior to running down the Alexandra Road tramway for unloading. 081 is now seen passing the Marian statue by the East Wall Road and heading down the Alexandra Road tramway with the IWT liner prior to unloading.
In the new livery, 071 arrives into East Wall with the 9:20 Tara Mines to Alexandra Road ore train. 071  heads across the level crossing on the East Wall road with its loaded ore train from Tara Mines to Dublin Port. On the left is a former RV Dublin bus. 071 Class 086 heads past the Army Camp bridge between Gormanston and the disused Monsey station with the 9:20 Tara Mines-Alexandra Road ore train.
Locomotive 071 approaches the M1 motorway tunnel just outside Drogheda town on the Navan branch with the empty working from Dublin to Tara Mines. Note the ex-works red-liveried wagon behind locomotive. 071 is caught again as it powers away from Beauparc with the 13:30 empty rake of wagons from Alexandra Road to Tara Mines, seen approaching Dollardstown Bridge. A final view of 071 with the Alexandra Road-Tara Mines train, seen approaching N51 bridge just west of the former Tara Junction outside Navan where the disused line from Kingscourt converges.
Following day from the previous photo, locomotive 071 accelerates out of Navan with the 12:20 loaded ore train from Tara Mines to Alexandra Road, seen having crossed the Boyne Viaduct in Navan. Locomotive 071 is caught again, this time west of the former Lougher Halt as heads the 12:20 Tara Mines-Alexandra Road ore train. And finally, 071 powers past the County Bridge south of Balbriggan station on the main Belfast-Dublin line with the 12:20 Tara Mines-Alexandra Road loaded ore train.
Locomotive 072 crosses the River Vartry just north of Wicklow Station as it returns from Wexford with a half-loaded track panel train heading for Portlaoise. The station building of Wicklow can be seen in the background. Now on the main Dublin-Cork line, 071 is captured again with its Wexford-Portlaoise PWD track panel train, seen approaching Stacumny Bridge between Adamstown and Hazelhatch. Locomotive 086 approaches Stacumny Bridge with the well loaded midday 12:30 Dublin-Ballina IWT liner train. Note the differentiating height of the containers.
Locomotive 071 approaches the former Beauparc Station with the loaded 9:30 Tara Mines to Alexandra Road ore train. The profile of the second last wagon stands out; this one formerly a shalde wagon. Locomotive 071 displays its still fresh looking new livery as it approaches the N2 road bridge just east of Beauparc with the 9:20 Tara Mines-Alexandra Road ore train. 071 is now seen on the Belfast-Dublin main line as it crosses the viaduct spanning the River Nanny just south of Laytown Station as it heads the morning laden working from Tara Mines to Dublin Port.
201 Class locomotive 233 'River Clare' storms the Rush bank as it heads the 11:00 Dublin-Belfast 'Enterprise'. 071 Class locomotive 071 returns from Dublin Port with the empty rake of ore wagons, seen approaching Drogheda at Colp Bridge. 071 Class 077 approaches Hybla Bridge near Monasterevin with an empty rake of HOBS wagons heading for North Wall in Dublin.
Mk4 DVT No.4001 approaches Hybla at speed with a northbound Cork-Dublin express, this train being powered in the rear by 201 Class locomotive No.222. Locomotive 217 heads a rather colourful Ballina-Dublin IWT liner, seen approaching Hybla Bridge. Locomotive 220 heads across the Curragh near Kildare with the morning 9:30 Dublin-Ballina IWT liner, laden with 40ft and 20ft containers.
071 Class locomotive No.083 approaches Hybla from the east with the empty rake of timber wagons, en route from Waterford to Ballina. Sister locomotive No.088 in the new livery, heads past Hybla with the Waterford bound DFDS liner train. Locomotive 088 is now seen having arrived into Kildare's middle road with the DFDS liner from Ballina, prior to running around and heading south down the Waterford line.
Close-up of Irish Rail's new logo, and detail, such as the red handbrake wheel, on 071 Class locomotive 088 at Kildare. The new image of Irish Rail; locomotive 088 in the slate-grey livery and Intercity Railcar No.22226 at Kildare Station. Locomotive is captured on the Waterford line as it powers the Ballina-Waterford DFDS liner past Kilberry between Athy and Cherryville Junction.
New and old liveries on the 071 Class locomotives are represented by 071 and 073, seen at Dublin Heuston prior to departing with the IRRS railtour to Cork, Cobh and Midleton. In the background is the Wellington Monument in the Phoenix Park. Locomotives 071+073 pause at Templemore for a photo-shoot as they lead the IRRS railtour from Cork to Dublin. Seen down in Cork, 2600 Class railcar 2610 approaches the road bridge at Myrtlehill as it forms the 13:15 stopping service to Midleton.
Locomotive 073 in the older livery takes charge of the IRRS railtour alone, seen heading past Myrtlehill en route from Cork to Cobh. Glimpsed across the Lee Estuary, locomotive 073 crosses the causeway just east of Cobh Junction as it leads the IRRS railtour to Cobh, formed of the RPSI Craven coaches. 073 is caught again, this time departing away from a photo-stop at Rushbrook Station on the final leg of the journey to Cobh with the IRRS railtour from Dublin.
Locomotive 073 drifts into Cobh with the IRRS railtour from Cork. In the distance can be seen locomotive 071, wating to take the tour back to Glanmire Road. On the right is the former carriage shed. Locomotive 071 stands at Cobh Station awaiting departure time with the IRRS railtour. The train would return to Cork prior to operating to Midleton. 2600 Class railcar 2610 passes  Killacloyne, between Carrigtwohill and Cobh Junction, with the 15:45 service from Midleton to Cork.
Catching up again with the IRRS railtour, locomotive 071 passes Killacloyne as it heads the return Midleton-Cork working. The first three Craven carriages are in the RPSI livery. Mk4 DVT No.4044 leads a northbound Cork-Dublin express out of Glanmire Road station with 201 Class locomotive 209 propelling. On the other platform is 071 Class No.071, seen having arrived with the IRRS railtour from Midleton. Another contrast between new and old liveries on 071 Class locomotives 071+073, seen on the goods line outside the curved train shed of Glanmire Road station in Cork.
Locomotives 071+073 stand at Heuston Station's platform 5 having arrived with the IRRS railtour from Cork. Locomotive 071 is seen back to its usual duties, hauling the 9:20 laden ore train from Tara Mines to Dublin Port, seen approaching Spark's Bridge between Navan and Beauparc. Locomotive No.081 passes Gormanston Station with the 12:20 laden ore train from Tara Mines to Dublin Port. Gormanston still retains its original Great Northern Railway waiting room, ableit somewhere vandalised.
Locomotive 071 is seen just west of Beauparc as it leads the empty 13:30 train from Dublin Port to Tara Mines. Locomotive No.077 shunts a rake of empty 4-wheel ballast hoppers in East Wall yard, prior to the wagons being scrapped in the adjacent sidngs. 071 Class locomotive No.083 powers away from Portarlington with the Ballina to Waterford laden timber train, seen approaching Killenard Bridge.
083 is captured again, this time on the Waterford line as it passes Kilberry, between Cherryville Junction and Athy, with the laden timber train from Ballina to Waterford. 201 Class locomotive No.220 rounds the curve on the Curragh just north of Kildare with the Ballina-Dublin IWT liner. 071 Class locomotive 074 is captured outside Newbridge as it heads a wagon transfer from Limerick to Dublin, consisting of one timber and two CPW wagons.
201 Class locomotive No.217 is seen in the Curragh near Kildare as it leads the Dublin bound IWT liner from Ballina. 071 Class 073 approaches Cloney Bridge on the Waterford line between Cherryville Junction and Athy, with the DFDS Waterford-Ballina liner, consisting of the CPW wagons. No.073 is ow seen standing in the middel road at Kildare prior to running around its DFDS liner from Waterford and heading west to Ballina.
The patched-up looking locomotive 081 heads past Hybla with the morning 9:30 Dublin-Ballina IWT liner. Locomotive 073 folllows the IWT liner with the DFDS working from Waterford to Ballina, seen approaching Hybla Bridge. Passing through Monasterevin is 071 Class locomotive No.088, working the laden timber train from Ballina to Waterford.
Freight and passenger workings cross at Athy; as an ICR heads towards the station a Dublin bound service, locomotive 088 awaits the road south with the Waterford bound timber train from Ballina. 201 Class locomotive No.215 is seen near Carnagh between Sallins and Newbridge as it heads north with the Ballina-Dublin IWT liner. Locomotive No.079 powers past Kilberry north of Athy on the Waterford line with the empty Waterford-Ballina timber train.
Locomotive 079 stands at Kildare Station having arrived from Waterford and will shortly run around its train prior to departing west towards Portarlington. Having turned-around in Kildare, 079 is captured a little later, seen approaching Killenard Bridge outside Portarlington on the main Dublin-Cork line. Another view of 079 and its rake of empty timber wagons from Waterford at Killenard, seen drifting down the gradient into Portarlington.
Fianl view of 079 and its empty timber train as it works past Shanderry Bridge west of Portarlington on the single-track line to Athlone. Locomotive 072, with its distinctive orange liveried cab door, climbs the gradient out of Portarlington with the lightly loaded DFDS liner from Ballina to Waterford. Former Dublin & South Eastern Raiwlay K2 Class 2-6-0 locomotive No.461 heads south at Laytown with an RPSI special from Drogheda to Skerries, formed of the 1960s Craven carriages.
With a Mk3 generator van includes in its formation, 201 Class locomotive 207 approaches Colp bridge with a Dublin-Belfast 'Enterprise'. No.461 is seen again, slowing on the approach to Drogheda at Colp Bridge with the RPSI return shuttle working from Skerries to Drogheda. 071 Class 075 takes the line to Islandbridge at Glasnevin Junction in north Dublin City as it leads the midday Dublin-Ballina IWT liner.
Locomotive 083 arrives into East Wall with the laden long-welded-rail (LWR) train from Portlaoise. The train would work to Wexford the following morning. Locomotive 083 now shunts the loaded LWR train into a siding at East Wall yard having arrived from Portlaoise PWD depot. Locomotive 083 is now seen leading the LWR train past Seapoint on the South Eastern line, heading from North Wall to Wexford. Landmarks visible in this view are the Mortello tower at Seapoint and the Pigeon House chimneys on the horizon.
201 Class locomotive 220 runs along the four-track line just north of Adamstown as it heads the morning Ballina-Dublin IWT liner. Locomotive 079 approaches Sullivan's Bridge south of Cherryville Junction as it leads the laden 11:05 Ballina-Waterford timber train. Visible to the left is an old Great Southern & Western Railway style house. Viewed from the new footbridge, 201 Class locomotive No.215 coasts into the middle road at Kildare Station with the laden Waterford-Ballina liner, consiting of the pocket container wagons (CPW).
Another view of 215, receiving all the attention at Kildare Station with its laden DFDS liner. Having run around in Kildare, 215 is captued again hauling the Waterford-Ballina DFDS liner past Hybla Bridge. 071 Class locomotive 079 works the 11:05 Ballina-Waterford loaded timber train past Sullivan’s Bridge on the Waterford line (MP36), south of Cherryville Junction.
29000 Class railcar No.29402 approaches Clonsilla with a stopping service from Maynooth to Dublin, while in the new bay-plaform, ICR No.22246 works the shuttle service to M3 Parkway. Passing the ICR at the west end of Clonsilla is 071 Class locomotive No.072, returning to Dublin from filming duties at Boyle with the RPSI cravens. 072 and the RPSI Cravens are seen again, having turned-around in Connolly Station, the train takes the line towards Islandbridge at Glasnevin Junction.