Obelisk Hill

Located between Dalkey and Killiney on this scenic section section of the Dublin to Rosslare line in south Co.Dublin was Obelisk Hill Station, named after the nearby Obelisk perched high above the bay on Killiney Hill. The Dublin & Wicklow Railway opened the station one year after constructing their line from Dun Laoghaire to Bray in 1854. Obelisk Hill Station only had one platform located on the down side of the line, as the line between Dalkey and Killiney was originally built as single track. The station also featured a footbridge, and was accessed from the parallel Vico Road above the railway. A walled pathway also existed on the seaward side, giving access to a small cove. Obelisk Hill was somewhat an afterthought and closed in 1857. Today, only one of the footbridge piers at the former station site remain, as does the now crumbling walled pathway on the seaward side. At the southern end of the Obelisk Hill Station site is a footbridge over the railway at Whiterock beach, while at the northern end is the southern portal of Dalkey Tunnel. The line between Dalkey and Killiney was eventually doubled in 1882.
8100 Class No.8331 passes the site of Obelisk Hill Station with a southbound DART service to Greystones. The single platform of the former station would have stood to the right of the train. 29000 Class railcar No.29118 heads the 13:05 Dublin to Rosslare service having passed through Obelisk Hill by Whiterock on the scenic section of line between Dalkey and Killiney. Another 8100 DART, this time headed by No.8106, passes over the two arched bridge over Whiterock on the approach to Obelisk Hill Station. The footbridge over the line at Whiterock, located at the sorthern end near the former Obelisk Hill Station. The footbridge leads down to an attractive secluded beach.
Closer view of Obelisk Hill Station. The platform would have been sited to the right of the down line. The wall on the right marks the old pathway leading down from the station to the beach below. The large stone retaining wall and double arched bridge, used to bridge the gap of the cliff section at Whitehead, just south of Obelisk Hill. 8100 DART No.8115 has past Obelisk Hill and is approaching the southern portal of Dalkey Tunnel at Sorrento Hill. No.8324 bursts out into the open sun as it rounds the curve by Killiney Bay near Obelisk Hill. The parallel road between Killiney and Dalkey passes over the railway at the tunnel entrance.
Sporting its new 'DART 25' logo, No.8105 rounds the curve on the approach to Dalkey Tunnel overlooking Killiney Bay. 8500 Class DART No.8634 emerges from Dalkey Tunnel leading a southbound DART service to Greystones. Ex UTA 2-6-4 tank No.4 makes the climb as it approaches the tunnel mouth south of Dalkey with the RPSI's 'Kingstown Special' from Bray. No.4 was built by the LMS NCC at their Belfast's York Rd works in 1947, and was not withdrawn until 1971 by Northern Ireland Railways. The rather exclusive Sorrento Point residence, viewed from the railway line at Dalkey Tunnel. The land in the backround is Dalkey Island, which features an 19th century Martello tower.