Portmarnock, located near the coast in north Co.Dublin, is located on the ex Great Northern Railway's main Dublin to Belfast mainline, which had opened as far as Drogheda in May 1844. The station dates from the opening of the line by the Dublin & Drogheda Railway, but never had any large station buildings; just up & down platforms with wooden GNR waiting rooms on either side. In 2000 the electrified DART services were extended north from Howth Junction to Malahide, and this brought about upgrading of the station facilities, such as new car park, footbridge and extended platforms. In 2010, a new platform access ramp and booking office was constructed on the up side of the station.
Northern Ireland Railway's 101 Class Hunslet locomotive No.101 passes through the quaint station at Portmarnock on a southbound Belfast to Dublin 'Enterprise', which at this in the early 1970s still retained its Great Northern Railway buildings. ©Barry Carse Nowadays Portmarnock is a typical modern suburban station, devoid of any Victorian buildings. 29000 Class diesel railcar No.29117 leads a southbound stopping service from Drogheda to Dublin's Connolly station. 071 Class locomotive runs through Portmarnock Station with the loaded zinc ore train from the Tara Mines near Navan, to Dublin Port. No.072 has since been repainted into the black & silver livery. 'Enterprise' liveried 201 Class loco No.209 descends the gradient at the north end of Portmarnock Station at speed with the 13:20 Dublin to Belfast express.
Having past a sister unit in the background, 29000 Class railcar No.29411 slows for the stop at Portmarnock with an afternoon Dublin to Drogheda service, Drogheda been displayed in Gaeilge on the destination screen. Minus a front end logo, 8100 Class DART No.8103 is seen in ex works condition at the up platform at Portmarnock while operating on a southbound Malahide to Greystones service. Another 8100 Class DART, No.8326, is seen on the rear of a northbound stopping service to Malahide. These units were originally built by Linke Hofmann Busch in Germany in 1983. Railcar No.2611, dating from 1994, displays the more inspired front end 'Commuter' livery applied to the 2600 Class railcars, seen at Portmarnock while operating a northbound service to Drogheda.
29000 Class No.29124 leads an 8-car set on the southern approach at Portmarnock Station with a service to Drogheda. The 'HJ' on the signal number plate stands for Howth Junction, the second station south of Portmarnock. An Irish Rail warning sign, located at the north end of the up platform. The Dublin to Belfast line is in fact only two lines(!). North & southbound 29000 Class railcars are seen passing Portmarnock Station. These units were built by CAF of Spain between 2002 and 2003. With its somewhat faded numerals, 071 Class No.087 leads the midday loaded ore train from Tara Mines, seen approaching Portmarnock. The train wil be unloaded at the Alexandra Road ore terminal in Dublin Docks.
Heading in the opposite direction at Portmarnock, sister loco No.072 hauls the rake of empty ore wagons from Alexandra Road, bound for the Tara Mines near Navan. The 071 Class locos were built by General Motors at La Grange Illinois, USA, in 1976. Diesel and electric traction meet at Portmarnock, as 8100 DART No.8329 departs north, while 29000 Class No.29106 arrives with a southbound train from Drogheda. In this view is the modern footbridge, the first bridge to be built at this station since opening in 1844. Refurbished 8100 DART No.8119 is near the end of its journey as it slows to make its final intermediate stop before reaching its destination at Malahide. Ex Great Southern & Western Railway's J15 0-6-0 No.186, dating from 1879, leads a Railway Preservation Society of Ireland railtour from Dublin to Belfast, seen approaching Portmarnock.
Seen painted in the more usual non-descript front end livery, 2600 Class railcar No.2615 leads a stopping service from Dublin City into Portmarnock. The Japanese built 2600s were original deliveried in the orange 'Arrow' livery in 1994, but were repainted in their current form in 2002. Work is underway to widen the narrow road overbridge at the north end of Portmarnock Station, as 8500 Class DART No.8601 approaches the up platform with a service from Malahide to Bray. A view looking north towards Belfast at the southern end of Malahide Station, prior to building the modern footbridge. The small station was first opened by the Dublin & Drogheda Railway in May 1844.