Donabate, north Co.Dublin, between Dublin City and Drogheda on ex Great Northern Railway's main line to Belfast, boasts an array of early Dublin & Drogheda and later GNR station buildings. The station was opened with the D&DR line to Drogheda in 1844. The main building, a two storey red bricked type is located on the up platform, was built prior to GNR take over in the 1876 and is therefore unlike others on the line. The down platform retains its original wooden 1870s built GNR waiting room and signal cabin, which was taken out of use in 1984. The footbridge appears to be of Great Southern & Western origin however and was placed later there by CIE in 1981. This footbridge has since been removed and replaced by a modern type. There was once also a small goods yard on the down side of the line, now a car park.