Ferbane, Co.Offaly, was the largest village to be served on the 17 mile branch line from Clara to Banagher, constructed by the Clara & Banagher Railway. Opened in 1884 after a many protracted years of construction, the line was latterly operated by the Great Southern & Western Railway. Passenger services over the branch ceased in 1947, but the line remained in use for goods and occasional specials until complete closure in January 1963. The former station at Ferbane remains intact, with the station building and goods shed surviving as part of county council offices. The single platform and adjacent road overbridge has however been demolished. The station, which had a small signal cabin controlling the sidings and goods loop, ceased to be a blockpost in October 1958, the loop and sidings been controlled by a ground lever frame from then on.
In September 1960, CIE Deutz G Class loco No.G603 departs Ferbane with the branch goods to Banagher. The single platform, signal cabin, goods shed and goods loop can be seen. ©Roger Joanes Ferbane Station as today, looking south towards Banagher from the site of the former road overbridge. The station building and goods shed survive as county council offices. The station building at Ferbane. The construction is similar to others  built on the Banagher branch, a combination of single and two storey building. The plaform and signal cabin have long since vanished. Ferbane, looking east towards Clara from what was the single platform, now a car park. The bungalow is built on the former trackbed, the adjacent road overbridge carrying the N62 road having been demolished several years previously.
Ferbane, looking south towards Banagher. The stone built goods shed still survives, now serving as a county council store. Ferbane ceased to be a blockpost in 1933, with the goods loop and sidings been controlled by a ground frame. A road side view of the station building at Ferbane. Although the Banagher branch lost its regular passenger service in 1947, the branch still saw specials until closure in 1963. East of Ferbane at Lemanaghan bog there was an unique flat crossing where the Banagher branch crossed on the level the 3ft gauge Bord na Mona line serving Ferbane power station. This view looking along the former trackbed to Clara shows the 3ft gauge line which remains in use serving the bog area. In the foreground is the remains of gate post which once formed part of a gate protecting the crossing. See J.J Smith photo Archive. Another view of the former Lemanaghan flat crossing on the Banagher branch. This view is looking west towards Banagher. The trackbed of the former branch line disappears into the trees and shrubs ahead. The crossing was protected by gates and signals. See J.J Smith Photo Archive.
Although the peat fired power station at Ferbane was closed in 2001, the Bord na Mona 3ft gauge system at Lemanaghan remains in use for extracting peat for the domestic market. This view is looking south towards the R436 road between Clara and Ferbane. The track leading to the Bord na Mona Lemanaghan depot, east of Ferbane. A former accommodation crossing on the Banagher branch, which retains its original gate and posts. The crossing is located by the R436 road between Ferbane and Clara.