Fethard, Co.Tipperary, was the only large town to be served by a railway which once ran from Clonmel to Thurles. The line was opened between 1879 and 1880 by the independent Southern of Ireland Railway, latterly taken over by the Waterford & Limerick Railway, who later became part of the Great Southern & Western in 1901. The station at Fethard consisted of up & down platforms, with a large stone station building located on the up side. The small wooden GSWR signal cabin was also located on the up platform at the north end of the station, beyond which was the stone built goods shed and yard. A small waiting room was provided on the down platform. The line lost its passenger service in 1963, but remained in use for goods until 1967. Fethard remained a block post until closure and retained its loop and sidings. Today, all of the station buildings remain in a very fine condition, well preserved some 40 years after the last train ran.
The well preserved station at Fethard on the Clonmel to Thurles line, opened in 1879 and closed completely in 1967. The fine station building and signal cabin are located on the up platform A view looking across the tracks at Fethard Station. On the down platform is the preserved waiting room, dating from the 1870s. On the up platform at Fethard Station, looking north towards Thurles. Both up & down platforms survive, with trackbed covered over. Only the lever frame and rear brick built chimney from the signal cabin at Fethard has been removed. The cabin still retains its original window panes and gable end boards.
The large stone built station building at Fethard, dating from 1879. It was designed and constructed by the Southern of Ireland Railway, itself largely taken over by the Waterford & Limerick, and then Great Southern & Western Railway in 1901. At the north end of Fethard Station is the large stone built goods shed, now used as a small museum which is only open briefly during the week. Another view of the goods shed at Fethard Station. In the foreground can be seen the goods loading bank. This is the northern side of the structure, with the station located behind the shed The approach road to Fethard Station, marked by these large stone pillars at the entrance.
Heading into Fethard on the R689 road from Clonmel can be seen this former rail overbridge abutment, located just south the station. Its sister bridge abutment has long since been demolished. Another view of this former rail overbridge abutment located on the southern side of Fethard town. The old railway sleepers form a fence at the bridge parapet. folderimage folderthumb