Foxrock, south Dublin, was of course served by the Harcourt St to Bray line, which was opened by the Dublin & Wicklow Railway in 1861 as their mainline to Wexford. Foxrock had quite a large station, which boasted three platforms, the third becoming known as the 'racecourse' platform, as it was adjacent to the well known Leopardstown Racecourse. A pathway led from this platform to the racecourse and the station was very busy on race days with many special trains. The platforms were all linked by a typical, but long, DWWR/DSER footbridge. The station building, was also a typical DWR structure, and was located on the down platform, along with the DSER brick built signal cabin. There were additional sidings to the south, and north of the station. A level crossing at the south end of the station served the nearby golf club, which is still exists. The Harcourt St line was rather short-sightedly closed in December 1958, but now most of the route will be reopened in the form of Luas line B which is being extended south to Bray on most of the former trackbed.

It should be noted that the new line avoids this section through Foxrock briefly and instead serves the west side of the Leopardstown. Although the original station was still intact in the mid 1990s, albeit derelict, it was demolished to make way for new housing estate which are occupies station site. Today, all that remains of the station is the former up platform and passenger gate entrance.
The site of Foxrock Station, looking towards Harcourt St from the south end. Although the station buildings were demolished, the up platform (and possibly the other two) remain in situ. This was the former pedestrian entrance to the down platform at Foxrock Station. The gate has partially been bricked up. This part of the former up platform at Foxrock is more visible, some of the granite caping slabs are seen used as steps. This view is looking north towards Harcourt St. Part of the former granite platform caping at Foxrock are used as steps for residents to access this open area of the station site.
Sections of the former up platform at Foxrock Station seen here are used by the back gardens of the new houses. This is the end ramp of the former up platform at the north end of Foxrock Station, which remains remarkably intact. This view, again looking in the southwards direction, towards the site of the racecourse platform. It is still a possibility that the platform is intact, just buried under the soil. Looking the opposite way towards Harcourt St from the north end of Foxrock Station. The trees on the left mark the boundary of the former trackbed. There was once a small goods platform, which trailed in from the right, while on the left was a siding which the Drumm baterary powered trains were stored on.
This is the former level crossing at the south end of the station, the tracks ran from left to right beyond the two gate posts, which leads into the adjacent golf course and racecourse. This is the site of the sidings on the south side of the station level crossing, which were used to stable relief trains serving Foxrock on race days. The mainline up & down lines would be located on the left. Looking the opposite way north, with the site of the sidings on the left, and main line lines sited on the right, with Foxrock Station in the distance.