Islandeady, Co.Mayo, was one of the smaller wayside stations on the Midland Great Western Railways Athlone to Westport line, whch opened in January 1866. The station at Islandeady was opened in May 1914, and is the last one before reaching Westport. Serving only a sparsely populated area, the station, which consists of a single platform and large gate keepers house, was closed in June 1963. The manually operated level crossing at Islandeady has since been replaced by automated lights and barriers.
Islandeady Station was merely a halt, consisting of one platform, extended crossing keepers house and a waiting shelter. This view is looking east towards Dublin, and shows the disused platform located on the up side of the line. A view looking west towards Westport at Islandeady from the level crossing, shortly after a rain shower, with the mist rising from the track. The level crossing is protected by colour light signals. CIE xmas Another view of Islandeady Station, with the manually operated level crossing gate. The level crossing has since been automated with lights and barriers.
The portacabin on the right accommodated the crossing keeper, usual an Irish Rail employee. Nearly all the level crossings on the line to Westport have been automated.