Hansfield, located on the western extremity of Dublin City's suburbs, is a new station built on the rebuilt section of the former line to Navan between Clonsilla and Dunboyne, to which passenger services were restored to in September 2010. The station has been built, but is yet not open to the public due to a new residential area failing to materialise. The station has up & down platforms, with the main booking office located in an elevated position above the double track line.

The line from Clonsilla to Navan was originally built by the Dublin & Meath Railway in 1862, and was latterly operated by the Midland Great Western. Passenger services over the route ceased in 1947, and goods traffic finally ended in 1963, after which the track was lifted. The section of re-opened line reinstates the former double track which was in place between Clonsilla and Drumree until 1929. Two of the original bridges between Hansfield and Dunboyne have been retained and restored.
This is Barnhill road overbridge located just north of Hansfield Station. This was in 2009 when work had began on rebuilding the closed 1963 line towards Dunboyne. This view is looking north. Present view shows the reinstated double track line at Barnhill road ovebridge. The line from Clonsilla to Drumree was doubled in 1888, and was then singled again by the Great Southern Railway in 1925. At this time the road overbridge at Barnhill,north of Hansfield, had been closed off to allow work to take place on its restoration, prior to the line been relaid from Clonsilla to Dunboyne. The restored 1862 built overbridge has new concrete parapets added, which extend along the length of the road.
This is the northern side of the road overbridge at Barnhill, looking south towards Hansfield Station and Clonsilla. At the time of its closure in 1963, the line to Navan was more or less semi derelict. This is the view of the trackbed of the line looking towards the proposed station at Hansfield. This was taken shortly after the vegetation had been cleared from the overgrown line. Present view shows the relaid double track line, looking towards Hansfield Station, which is out of view shrouded by the mist. A view towards Hansfield and Clonsilla from Barnhill road overbridge. The yellow and black paint are usually painted on these structures for the safety of road users.
As part of the line's rebuilding, all of the lineside hedges and trees were removed, creating a somewhat bare line towards Hansfield. This is the view looking north towards Dunboyne and Navan from the road overbridge at Barnhill. A solitary railway telegraph pole stills stands on the down side of the line, covered in ivy. Some old railway sleepers, one of which still has a fishplate attached, was uncovered during the line clearance at Barnhill bridge. When the Navan line was lifted in 1963, some of the redundant rails were used to create fences along the road on the approach to the bridge at Barnhilll. Some of the rail's were still to seen during the rebuilding of the line.
A view of the then closed off Barnhill road overbridge in 2009. The aforementioned rail fences can be seen on the either side of the road. They have since been replaced by a modern concrete barrier. This is the 1862 built bridge at Stirling, the second road overbridge north of Hansfield. This view is looking north towards Dunboyne and Navan in February 2009. Present view shows the rebuilt overbridge at Stirling in January 2010. The original stone built arch has been replaced by a concrete construction. This is the north side of the Stirling road overbridge north of Hansfield in 2009. There is some subsidence evident on the stone parapets of the bridge.
The parapets on the rebuilt bridge are also now built of concrete, and align the roadway on the approach to the structure. This view is looking south towards Hansfield and Clonsilla. A view looking north towards Dunboyne and Navan from the road overbridge at Stirling in 2009. A digger had been clearing the vevgetation on overgrown trackbed. A somewhat misty view looking north towards Dunboyne, showing the reinstated double track line. An accommodation bridge once existed between here and Dunboyne, but was recently demolished. This is the view looking south towards Clonsilla and Hansfield from the road overbridge at Stirling. The nearby horse stables had been using the trackbed here as a storage area.
Now the line has been reinstated and walled off. A new store building for the stables was constructed on the right. This is the accommodation bridge used by farmers to cross the line between Stirling and Dunboyne. By 2009 it was derelict and scheduled for demolition. Closer view of the double track accommodation bridge near Stirling. Part of the bridge parapet seen here had fallen away. A view looking south towards Hansfield from the accommodation bridge near Stirling. This bridge has since been demolished.
This is the view looking north towards Dunboyne from the accommodation bridge near Stirling. The town of Dunboyne is located beyond the trees in the distance. Seen on the now completed line to Dunboyne, 071 Class locomotive No.081 leads the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland's 'Province of Leinster' tour from Pace to Dublin, consisting of Mk2 stock. Having worked the earlier RPSI special to Pace, ex Great Southern & Western Railway J15 Class 0-6-0 No.186, runs light back to Dublin past Hansfield. Ex Dublin & South Eastern Railway's 2-6-0 locomotive No.461 runs tender-first as it approaches the road overbridge at Hansfield with the RPSI 'Spare Link' special operating from Dublin to Dunboyne and Wexford.
Loco No.461, resplendent in CIE 1950s green livery, approaches Hansfield from Dunboyne while en route to Wexford with the RPSI 'Spare Link' special. The train was made up of the 1960s Craven built coaches. With the un-opened station of Hansfield visible in the background, 071 Class loco No.079 has its warning boards fitted as it leads Irish Rail's annual weed spraying train from Dublin to Dunboyne.