Hollyhill, west Co.Cork, was a small town land through which the Schull & Skibbereen Tramway passed through. Opened with the line in September 1886, the station at Hollyhill was located at a cross roads on the N71 road to Schull. It had one platform and a single storey station building, there was no loop or sidings. Regular passenger and goods services on the Schull & Skibbereen line ceased in January 1947, but the line remained in situ until June 1953, when it was closed completely by CIE. Today the small station building at Hollyhill remains, albeit in a semi-derelict condition, along with a corrugated iron railway hut. The station is currently for sale and perhaps one day may be restored.
The former roadside station at Hollyhill, looking east towards Skibbereen. On the left is the single storey station building, now derelict and up for sale. The station, like others on the line, had just one platform. The small station building at Hollyhill, located along side the N71 road. The station/halt was opened with the line in September 1886. Perhaps one day a buyer may restore the building. The interior of Hollyhill Station building, which still retains its ticket counter. The building has not seen a regular passenger since January 1947. A view from what was the single platform at Hollyhill Station, looking west towards Schull with the main N71 road on the left. The line closed to passenger and goods services in 1947, and was finally lifted in 1953.
The line at Hollyhill hugged to the left handside of the N71 road. This view is looking from the former platform site towards Skibbereen. Today Hollyhill itself is mere crossroads and a couple of farms. A corrugated iron railway hut, located to the rear of Hollyhill station building. The hut can be seen in old photos of the halt and probably once contained all sorts of railway materials.