Raheny, in Dublin's northern suburbs, is located on the main Dublin to Belfast line, and was one of the original Dublin & Drogheda Railway stations to be opened with the line to Drogheda in May 1844. The main station building, no longer in railway use, is located on the down platform. A 1983 built booking office is located at street level, and was opened with the introduction of the electrified DART services in 1984. In recent years, DART upgrading has resulted in the platforms been extended further at either end of the station, with a new concrete ramp constructed on the up side of the station. There was once a signal cabin at the north end of the station, but was removed in 1926 by the Great Northern Railway.
1983 German built 8100 Class DART No.8122 is seen on the rear of a southbound service from Howth to Bray as it departs Raheny Station. This unit, like the rest of the 8100s, has since been refurbished. The large Dublin & Drogheda Railway station building at Raheny, now largely disused. The building is located on the down platform and dates from the opening of the line in May 1844. Raheny Station, looking south towards Dublin from the footbridge. This footbridge was installed as part of the DART scheme in 1982. Receiving a dubious look, refurbished 8100 Class DART No.8313 leads a southbound Malahide to Greystones stopping service at Raheny.
201 Class locomotive No.209 approaches Raheny Station from the south with the 13:20 Dublin to Belfast 'Enterprise'. No.209, which entered service in June 1995, is owned by Northern Ireland Railways. French built De Dietrich trailer No.9001, is seen on the rear of 209's northbound 'Enterprise' at Rahney. The locomotive would later propel the train back to Dublin. 071 Class loco No.084 rounds the long bend at the north end of Raheny Station as it leads the loaded Tara Mines to Dublin Port zinc ore train. The 071 Class leader, No.071, runs north through Raheny light engine, en route from Dublin to Drogheda. No.071 was built by General Motors at La Grange Illinois, USA, in 1976, and entered service in May of the following year.
8100 DART No.8326 approaches Raheny Station from the north with a southbound Howth to Bray service. Raheny is one of the busiest DART stations in north Dublin. Japanese built 8500 Class No.8635 leads a long 8-car DART service to Malahide, seen on the southern approach to Raheny Station. Another 8500 DART, this time No.8631, is seen arriving at the down platform at Raheny with a northbound service to Howth. This end of the station is much in shadow due to the construction of a wide concrete built overbridge in the early 1970s. In low light, 8100 Class DART No.8122 approaches Raheny with a northbound service to Malahide. The USA style signals installed here in 1983 have since been replaced by modern LED types.
071 Class loco No.078 approaches Raheny Station with the empty rake of ore wagons from Dublin Port, bound for the Tara Mines near Navan. There is an engineering access point at this end of the station, allowing road/rail vehicles to enter the line from the left. 29000 Class diesel railcar No.29414 approaches Raheny Station with a southbound commuter service from Drogheda to Dublin, bound for Pearse Station in the city centre. The 4-aspect 'KR22' signal has since been replaced by an LED type signal. 071 Class loco No.082 brings up a permanent way train into Raheny Station, formed of the Donelli relaying gantry and a rake of track panels heading for Platin near Drogheda. No.079 is captured at Raheny leading a rake of 4-wheel ballast hoppers en route from Dublin's North Wall yard to Drogheda. On the left is one of the newly installed LED colour light signals.