Waterfall, Co.Cork, is a small hamlet located on the former Cork Bandon & South Coast Railway's line from Cork to Bantry. The station was originally opened by the Cork & Bandon Railway in June 1851 with the extension of their line into Cork City from Ballinhassig. The station had up & down platforms, with the main single storey station building located on the down side. Also on the down platform was the signal cabin and goods loading bank, while on the up platform was the waiting shelter. The station, along with the remainder of the west Cork railways were closed by CIE in March 1961, and today only the up & down platforms at Waterfall remain, the other station buildings having been demolished after closure. Just northwest of Waterfall the railway line crossed the N71 Cork to Bandon road via the impressive Chetwynd Viaduct, which remains in situ to this day.
The end of the former down platform at Waterfall Station, looking north towards Cork. Both platforms have been filled in since closure of the West Cork lines in March 1961. A view looking towards Bantry at the southern end of the former Waterfall Station. The site of the station is now occupied by an adjacent house and its garden. On the left is the down platform where the signal cabin was once sited. The former goods platform at Waterfall, located on the down side of the station. Unsually the station did not pocess any goods shed. The concrete posts belonging to the fencing on the former up platform remains in situ at Waterfall, as seen here.
The owner of the former Waterfall Station site has gradually dig up several railway items from the line since closure in 1961. Here is a lenght of rail, just one of many located in the garden. The gate and driveway leading up to the former Waterfall Station, opened in June 1856 with the Bandon to Cork railway. The gate is an original Cork Bandon & South Coast Railway type, dating pre-1925. At the north end of Waterfall Station are the remains of an accommodation bridge, which carried a small lane across the railway and into an adjacent farm. Demolished after 1961, only the stone abutment remains. At the southern end of Waterfall Station is a tall stone built bridge which carried the railway across a small road.
Just north east of Waterfall is the impressive Chetwynd Viaduct, which carried the railway line across a small valley through which the N71 Cork to Bandon road passes through. One of the stone piers belonging to the Chetwynd Viaduct, near Waterfall. There was once a small roadside garage located here, well known to users of the N21. The large bridge abutment at the eastern end of the Chetwynd Viaduct. The railway embankment on the approach to the viaduct has been removed. The decking on the bridge itself was removed in the 1970s. Adjacent to the Chetwynd Viaduct on the N25 road is the 'Viaduct In'. The carvery menu depicts a CBSCR tank loco crossing the structure in the mid 1950s. Also in this depiction is the aforemented small garage.