Westport, Co.Mayo, is the terminus of the Midland Great Western Railway's line from Dublin which was opened in January 1866. In 1875, the MGWR built a short extension of the line down to Westport Quay station, later used by goods trains until April 1977, before it was finally lifted in 1988. Westport was also the starting point for the MGWR's branch line to Achill, which was opened in May 1895. Never a profitable line, the Achill line was closed by the Great Southern Railway in November 1937, although a short section remained at Westport until 1969.
Westport Station has up and down platforms, which retain both their MGWR sandstone built station buildings. At the east end of the station on the down platform is the now redundant MGWR signal cabin, it's wooden structure partly rebuilt. The station footbridge is also original. At the west end of the station is the disused MGWR stone built goods and engine sheds. A stub of the Westport Quay line is now used for loading timber trains.
201 Class locomotive No.205 enters Westport Station on an afternoon train from Dublin. In this view is the Victorian era Midland Great Western Railway footbridge, and signal cabin visible on the right. Loco No.205 is now seen at the western end of Westport Station having arrived from Dublin. Originally the railway line continued a further few miles west to terminate at Westport Quay. There was also the former line to Achill, which operated from 1895 until 1937. No.205 is seen running around its train at the west end of Westport Station. Named 'River Nore', it was built by General Motors at London, Ontario, Canada, in 1994. Another 201 Class loco, this time No.210, is seen at Westport having arrived from Dublin. In this view is the former stone built goods shed. A shunt signal is seen in the 'off' position allowing No.210 to proceed in the direction of Westport Quay.
Westport Station, looking west towards the quay and Achill. The station buildings here date from the opening of the line in January 1866. In the distance is the former stone built goods shed, as well as the locomotive shed. Westport, looking east towards Dublin. A rake of Mk2 stock with an 071 Class loco at the head, form an Irish Railway Record Soicety special, seen stabled at the former cattle loading bank. 071 Class loco No.074 stands at Westport Station at the head of an IRRS special to Athlone. This loco, as well as the Mk2 coaching stock date from the 1970s. To the left is the MGWR signal cabin, its roof structure rebuilt slighly. The now redundant lever frame within Westport signal cabin. The structure is particularly tall to allow visibility over the adjacent footbridge.
One of the signal token machines located within Westport signal cabin. The cabin was taken out of use with the replacement of mechanical signalling on the Mayo lines in 2006. The track diagram inside Westport signal cabin. The western end of the station is still identified as the 'Westport Quay' end even though that line has been gone since the mid 1980s. Inside the MGWR waiting room on the down platform is a small museum, featuring some name plates and other railway artifacts.