The town of Edenderry, Co.Kildare, was somewhat bypassed by the Midland Great Western Railway's Dublin to Sligo line, and therefore a branch from here to Enfield on the Sligo line was built in April 1877. The Edenderry branch joined the Sligo line just west of Enfield at Nesbitt Junction, but this was removed in 1930 by the Great Southern Railway and the branch operated as a single line from Enfield. Passenger services on the Edenderry branch ended in 1931, but the branch, albeit in a semi derelict condition, remained open for cattle specials and excursion trains until April 1963, when the line was closed completely. The stone built station buildings at Edenderry remain, and they include the engine shed, water tower and the large goods shed which is now a car valeting service.
This is Edenderry Station, terminus of the 10 mile Midland Great Western Railway branch line from Enfield. The building seen here was the former goods shed and is now used as car valeting service. This is the the railway side of the former Edenderry Station where the single platform was once sited. The goods shed was unusually large compared to the main building. This is the single storey station building at Edenderry adjacent to the goods shed, where presumebly the booking office was. It is now used by a furniture business. The stone built two road locomotive shed and water tower base also survive at the former Edenderry Station. The shed had long since fallen into dereliction by the time the railway closed completely in April 1963.
This is an earlier view of the locomotive shed taken during the summer of 2003. At this time the original large wooden doors were still in situ, but these have since been replaced by metal sheeted types. The Midland Great Western Railway were obviously proud of their locomotive shed at Edenderry, with the company-s initials carved into stone above the doors The water tower base at the former Edenderry Station, which is missing its metal tank. Both this structure and the loco shed are utilised by the adjacent furniture business. This is a general view of Edenderry Station, showing the main station buildings. The former goods yard was located on the right. The goods traffic on the branch ceased in 1932, but the line remained open for specials until 1963.
To the rear of Edenderry Station was the site of the turntable adjacent to the locomotive shed. The curved wall formed the boundary of the turntable well, long since filled in. A few redundant rails and part of the water tower pipe remain long forgotton to the rear of the former Edenderry Station. Just outside Edenderry town is the site of the former railway bridge over the Boyne River. Unfortunately the metal structure and its stone abutments no longer remain. Only the presence of a few up-right redundant sleepers reminds us that this was once a railway line. The R402 road once crossed the railway by a stone overbridge on the approach to Edenderry town. The bridge however was demolished 20 years ago and today no trace remains apart from the former trackbed on either side.