Lougher, Co.Meath, was the location of one of Ireland's smallest railway halts. Situated on the ex Great Northern Railway's Drogheda to Navan and Oldcastle branch at milepost 8½, it was opened in July 1940, and remained in use until the cessation of passengers services over the line in April 1958. The halt had one short platform on the 'Up' side of the line, with a small wooden built waiting shelter. Despite closing in the late 1950s, the remains of the halt could still be seen up to the early 1990s, but today there is little trace apart from the gated access road leading down to the former platform site.
This is the remains of Lougher Halt, one of the shortest platforms on Irish railways. Located on the 'Up' side of the line, it was opened by the Great Northern in 1940, but closed in April 1958 with the cessation of passenger services on the Drogheda, Navan and Oldcastle branch. The grass covered platform and wooden waiting shelter were still to be seen in June 1976. ©Barry Carse On 27th August 1988, the RPSI's 2-6-4 tank loco No.4 heads past the now overgrown Lougher Halt while hauling 'The Boyne' special from Navan to Dublin. This special was operated in conjunction with Dublin City's millennium celebrations. ©Colm O'Callaghan Lougher Halt was opened during a time when the Great Northern Railway began to use light weight railbuses which could set down and pick up passengers with ease along the route. A more modern railbus, that of Northern Ireland Railway's No.RB3, is seen at the halt while returning from Kingscourt with the 'Cavan Coup' railtour in May 1990. ©Colm O'Callaghan The site of Lougher Halt, looking west towards Navan from the adjacent overbridge. The wooden platform and waiting shelter were removed during progressive relaying of the line on the Drogheda to Navan branch. The access steps from the adjacent laneway are the only remains which point to the halt's location.
On the 'Down' side of Lougher Halt is one of the Great Northern Railway's fan designed railway gates, still in use to access an adjacent farm yard. The road overbridge is out of sight around the bend on the road. Another GNR fan style gate, seen at the entrance to the laneway which lead down to the former platform at Lougher Halt. This is on the 'Up' side of the line.