The well known county town of Tipperary is located on the cross country Limerick to Waterford line. The line from Limerick to Waterford was opened in May 1848 by the Waterford & Limerick railway, eventually becoming operated by the Great Southern & Western Railway in 1901. Over the years the line from Limerick to Waterford has had a sparse service, but improvements have been made in recent years with the introduction of diesel railcars. Tipperary Station only has one platform which remains in use, that being on the down side where the large two storey station building and brick built signal cabin are located. On the up side is a short platform, not regularly used, behind which is the large derelict goods shed and yard. The level crossing gates were once operated by a wheel located within the signal cabin, but now replaced by electric motors. Adjacent to the station level crossing is a Victorian GSWR footbridge. The rationalised station layout now only consists of a passing loop and siding, which is used for engineering trains.

141/181 Class locomotives Nos.152+190 are seen at Tipperary Station while heading the Irish Traction Group's 'Docklands Pioneer' railtour from Waterford to Limerick Jct. 2700 Class railcar No.2724 is seen heading a Limerick to Waterford service at Tipperary. To the left is a standard CIE bracket semaphore signal. 141 Class locos Nos.152+171 stand at Tipperary Station with an Irish Railway Record Society tour from Limerick consisting of Mk3 stock. To the left is the narrow disused up platform. Nos.171+152 stand at Tipperary Station at the head of the Mk3 coaching stock forming the IRRS special back to Dublin. The line which once access the goods yard is visible in this view.
Tipperary Station, with single platform, station building and brick built signal cabin. To the left can be seen the former goods shed. This view is looking west towards Limerick Jct. The Great Southern & Westerb Railway built signal cabin, lower quadrant semaphores, crossing gate and footbridge, also GSWR origin, are seen at the east end of Tipperary Station. This is the The lever frame within Tipperary Station signal cabin. The automatic level crossing gates are controlled by the signalman here. The level crossing gates and GSWR footbridge, complete with former gas lamp, are seen at the east end of Tipperary Station.
The large 1848 Waterford & Limerick Railway built station at Tipperary, located on the down platform. The building is also used by Bus Eireann services. The large derelict goods shed at Tipperary Station, dating from the 1840s. It fell into disuse in the early 1980s, having once handled sundries, containers and tar traffic. The derelict interior of the roofless goods shed at Tipperary Station. The track serving the shed has long since been lifted. Two CIE 1960s built bulk cement wagons are seen stored in the siding at Tipperary Station, both these 'bubbles' had received some damage. These type of wagons have since been withdrawn and scrapped.
Tipperary Station, looking west towards Limerick Jct from the end of the platform. To the right is a GSWR cast iron milepost, measured from Waterford. The standard CIE lower quadrant semaphore starting signals and ground disc at the west of Tipperary Station.