Tobercurry (also spelt Tubbercurry), Co.Sligo, is one of small villages to be served by the Waterford Limerick & Western Railway's built line from Claremorris to Collooney, which opened in November 1895 to relieve poverty in this sparsely populated area. The 'Burma Rd' as its known, lost its passenger service in June 1963, but remained in use for goods until November 1975. Since closure the line has remained in situ, though abandoned. The route is part of the Western Rail Corridor scheme, but whether it will reopen in the future remains uncertain.
The station building and goods shed at Tobercurry were demolished in the 1980s to allow a new road to built bypassing the village centre. The disused signal cabin survived until it became unsafe and had to be demolished in 2006 The water tower, roofless waiting shelter and up & down platforms remain.
The derelict Tobercurry Station, looking north towards Collooney, showing the former up & down platforms and loop. The demolished station buildings where located on the right. A similar view of Tobercurry Station, looking north towards Collooney, but before clearance work began. In the distance is the now demolished signal cabin. The disused up and down platforms at Tobercurry, looking towards Collooney from the south end of the statio. Both platforms are almost now bare, following demolition of the main station buildings in the 1980s. A view looking along the down platform towards Claremorris at Tobercurry Station. The station remained in use for goods traffic until 1975.
The similar view in 2004, showing the then overgrown platforms and track at Tobercurry. In the distance is the former station level crossing. The former waiting shelter on the up platform remains at Tobercurry, although now roofless. It has not seen a regular passenger since June 1963. Tobercurry signal cabin actually survived until quite recently when it was demolished to allow clearance work to take place at the former station. The Victorian structure was also becoming unsafe. The former lever frame within the disused Tobercurry signal cabin, which in 2004 remained in situ. The cabin was last used in November 1975.
At the north end of Tobercurry Station is the disused water tower, complete with tank and water gauge. Former platform lamp on the up platform at Tobercurry Station. The former level crossing at Tobercurry, located at the south end of the station. The gate posts remain though the gates themselves have long since gone. The loop can be seen converging at the south end of Tobercurry Station beyond the crossing. Note the shallow rock cutting beyond. The road is the R294.
The north end of Tobercurry Station, the former goods shed and yard was located on the right, now built over by a road. Top part of a former Great Southern & Western Railway style semaphore signal post at Tobercurry Station. The metal grid platform is a design seen on many signal posts on the Claremorris-Collooney line. Western Rail Corridor campaign poster, seen mounted on the soon to be demolished signal cabin at Tobercurry Station. There is much debate on whether this section of line is to be restored or converted into a proposed walkway.