Sandymount, in Dublin's southern suburbs, was one of the original stations to be opened with the Dublin & Kingstown 1834 built railway line from Westland Row to Kingstown, now Dun Laoghaire. The station has been closed numerous times in its life, particularly in the later half of the 19th century. It's proper closure came in 1960, but the station was reopened once again in 1984 with the introduction of the electrified DART services between Bray and Howth. The Dublin Wicklow & Wexford Railway built a signal cabin adjacent to the station level crossing in 1871, but this was replaced by a modern Great Southern Railway cabin with the introduction of semi automatic colour light signals in 1937.

The original station buildings were demolished in 1901 when the station closed first in the 20th century, but was reopened in 1928. Some recovered former Cork narrow gauge station buildings were installed at the station at the same time. These lasted until closure again in 1960. When the station reopened in 1984, a new standard DART station building was built on the down platform, the 1937 built signal cabin was demolished however at the same time.
071 Class loco No.071 approaches Sandymount Station with the weed spraying train en route to Bray, complete with yellow & black striped warning panels. Seen approaching Sandymount Station from the south, is the second member of the 8100 Class DARTs, No.8102, heading a service to Howth, displayed in Gaeilge as Binn Éadair. Railcar No.2613 is seen on the rear of this 2800/2600 combined set passing north through Sandymount. In the background is the Aviva Stadium, then under construction. 29000 Class railcar No.29423 is seen on the rear of this northbound 29000 Class train. In this view is the considerably extended up platform at Sandymount.
With the Aviva looming over, 8100 DART No.8333 is seen having passed over the level crossing at Serpentine Avenue, sight of a one time Dublin & Kingstown Railway station. In the mid 1970s, 121 Class loco No.122 passes through the then disused station at Sandymount with a southbound service from Dublin to Rosslare Harbour. All of the original station buildings had been demolished by this time. ©Barry Carse Seen at the same location as the previous image, 8100 DART No.8316 arrives into Sandymount Station with a southbound service. Sandymount reopened for DART services in 1984, having been closed since 1960. 8500 Class DART No.8612 approaches Sandymount Station with another southbound working, this time terminating at Dun Laoghaire.
With the Aviva Stadium now completed, a flat roofed version of the Japanese built 8500s, No.8622, approaches the down platform at Sandymount with a 4-car service to Bray. The single storey brick station building on the down platform at Sandymount. This was constructed when the station reopened in 1984 for DART services. A similiar structure is located on the up side. Keeping behind the yellow line on the paved up platform at Sandymount Station.