Straffan Station, Co.Kildare, was located some distance from the small village it served. It was located on the Great Southern & Western Railway's main Dublin to Cork line, and had opened two years after the line in August 1848. The station, which had up and down platforms, with small station building on the up side, was closed by CIE in November 1947, but it remained a signalling block post. The signal cabin at Straffan was closed however in 1976, and after which the redundant station buildings became derelict before finally been demolished in the mid 1980s. Today, there is little trace of the station buildings left at Straffan, but the original GSWR style gate entrance from the road remains in situ.
201 Class locomotive No.215, in Irish Rail's then new 'Intercity' livery, speeds south past the site of Straffan Station with a set of Mk3 coaching stock. 22000 Class diesel railcar No.22014 is seen passing the site of Straffan Station with a northbound service to Dublin. The station's up platform was once sited to the left. 22000 Class railcar No.20014 is seen on the approach to the former Straffan Station with a southbound train from Dublin. Mk3 driving trailer No.6103 passes through the site of Straffan Station with a service from Waterford to Dublin, propelled in the rear by a 201 Class loco. This stock has since been replaced by the 22000 railcars.
Mk4 DVT No.4004 is seen on the rear of this Dublin to Cork express train at Straffan. The former station building was once sited to the left. The gate entrance to the former Straffan Station, on the up side of the line. The ornate gate is possibly an original Great Southern & Western Railway type.