In June 1901, the Great Northern Railway opened their electric Hill of Howth tramway. This ran from Sutton Station, around Howth Head to the fishing town of Howth. It was largely a roadside tramway, but had its own reservation on the roadway, and in some sections ran on its own formation like a conventional railway line. The highest point on the Hill of Howth tram line was the Summit, known as the 'Hill of Howth' stop, which featured a small village centred around the Summit Inn pub and a local shop, located on what was the main road.

There also a passing loop, GNR style wooden waiting shelter and a one time siding at the Summit, but the latter was lifted by 1940. Adjacent to the tram stop was a parcels office, located in a typical GNR style station building, built largely of red brick than the usual yellow; this building remains as a private residence. The trackbed of the tram line through the Summit is now the main R106 road, built on the tracked of the tram line after its closure by CIE in 1959. The trackbed however at the north end of the Summit is now a public walkway.
The Great Northern Railway red bricked station building at the Summit on the former Hill of Howth tramway, dating from 1901. This is the trackbed of the Hill of Howth tram stop at the Summit, now the main road around Howth. There was once a loop and GNR waiting shelter on the left. The small shop on the right has been there since tram days. The Hill of Howth tramway trackbed diverges left sharply down hill at the north end of the Summit. The trackbed is now a path, the entrance of which is seen on the left through the low sandstone wall. A view down the trackbed of the Hill of Howth tram at the the Summit, looking towards Howth. The tram operated from June 1901, to June 1959 when closed by CIE.
A similar view having departed the Summit on board the top deck of one of the Hill of Howth trams, beginning its descent to Howth in June 1957. At this time Howth remained largely rural. ©Wilson Adams Collection This is the southern end of The Summit stop on the Hill of Howth tram, looking towards Sutton, as already mention the trackbed has been turned into the main R105 road.