Streamstown, Co.Westmeath, was a wayside station on the former Midland Great Western Railway's main line between Mullingar and Athlone, which had opened in August 1851. The station's importance was increased in 1876 when it became a junction for the short branch line to Clara. However, passenger services over the branch were withdrawn in 1947, but it remained open for infrequent goods traffic until June 1963, by which time Streamstown Station itself was also closed completely. The line through Streamstown lost its regular passenger service in 1987, but the the Mullingar to Athlone route remained in use however for frequent freight trains up to the late 1980s, and latterly specials and PWD workings until early 2000s.

The station at Streamstown formerly consisted of Up & Down platforms, the latter been an island which also served the branch trains to Clara. The main station buildings were located on this island platform, while on the Up side was a waiting shelter, goods shed and loading bank. Today, the derelict platforms remain in situ, as does the shelter and former goods shed, but only the base of the water tower survives on the Down side, all other buildings having been demolished since closure in 1963.
In April 2000, 141 Class loco No.151 heads through the disused and bare platforms at the former Streamstown Station while operating a sleeper train from Portlaoise to Mullingar via Athlone. The island platform in the background formerly served trains on the Clara branch, closed in 1963. ©Mark Hodge A 1989 view of the former Streamstown Station when the Mullingar-Athlone route was still in occasional use. This view is looking west towards Athlone. The platforms, goods loading bank and the remaining station buildings are overgrown. ©Colm O'Callaghan A more recent view of Streamstown reveals not much has changed over the proceeding decades. The station had originally opened with the line in August 1851, before becoming a junction in 1876 with the opening of the branch line to Clara. Another view of Streamstown, taken from the road overbridge at the Mullingar end of the station site. The only buildings still occupied are the Midland Great Western built cottages, visible to the left.
The former island platform at Streamstown which served both 'Down' and branch trains, looking west towards Athlone. A characteristic of Midland Great Western platforms was a raised section which is still visible on the left. Streamstown, looking east towards Mullingar with the adjacent road overbridge visible. This is the 'Down' side of the station, with the 'Up' side totally overgrown on the left. At the Athlone end of the former island platform is the stone built base of the former water tower, the tank of which has long since been removed. A view looking towards Athlone from the western end of the former Streamstown Station, with the base of the water tower visible. The branch line to Clara ran parallel with the main line for a ¼ mile before diverging south towards Horseleap.
Part of the overgrown 'Up' platform at Streamstown is just visible in this view looking east towards Mullingar. The rusty track of the Mullingar-Athlone line is now totally disused, with the last weed spraying train having operated over the route in 2003. The former stone built goods shed at Streamstown, now roofless. The shed is located on the 'Up' at the Mullingar end of the station. Another view of the partially overgrown goods shed at Streamstown. This view from is the former 'Down' side of the island platform. The goods loading bank adjacent to the goods shed at Streamstown still survives, as seen here in this view looking east towards Mullingar.
The brick built waiting shelter, a typical late Midland Great Western design, also survives on the much overgrown 'Up' platform at Streamstown. The interior of the waiting shelter on the 'Up' platform at the former Streamstown Station. The shelter last saw passenger in 1963. This is the shetler as viewed from the rear side, showing its brick and stone built construction. Unlike the goods shed, the shelter still retains its roof. A view of the attractive stone built overbridge at the Mullingar end of the former Streamstown Station.
This is the former access road to the 'Up' side of Streamstown Station, which formerly lead to the goods shed and yard. A pedestrian gate entrance still survives, visible to the left of the farm gate.