The popular west Co.Cork tourist spot of Schull was the terminus of the one time Schull & Skibbereen 3ft gauge tramway, which operated between Schull and Skibbereen between September 1886 and January 1947. The terminus station at Schull was located at the east end of the town, and consisted of a single platform and a large two storey station building. Opposite the platform was the goods yard and corrugated iron goods shed. Towards the west end of the station the line terminated at a turntable which gave access to the small locomotive shed. There was also a wooden carriage shed at the east of the station. Today the majority of the station buildings survive, now part of a private residence. The loco shed also remains, albeit derelict. In 1893 an extension of the line was constructed to a pier at Schull harbour, but by the late 1930s it had fallen into disuse. Having been closed by CIE in 1947, the Schull & Skibberreen Tramway was lifted in 1953.
The former Schull Station, terminus of the 3ft gauge Schull & Skibbereen Tramway. Although closed since 1947, most of the station buildings remain intact. The western end of Schull Station, showing the end of the former single platform. The large stone built station building dates from September 1886. A single platform remains intact at the former terminus station at Schull. The station has not seen a regular passenger since January 1947. This is the station building at Schull, as viewed from the road side of the structure. This view is looking east towards Skibbereen, and the road is the N71 which the railway largely paralleled.
The eastern end of Schull Station, looking east towards Skibbereen. The driveway runs on the former trackbed and beyond is the site of a level crossing where the railway line crossed the N71 road to run along its northern side. The corrugated iron constructed goods shed at Schull Station, located opposite of the passenger platform. Many of the goods sheds on the Schull & Skibbereen Tramway were built using this economical friendly material. The roofless single road locomotive shed survives at the west end of Schull Station. In front of the derelict and overgrown shed is the filled in turntable. There was also once a water tower located to the right of the structure. A small rusty part of the pumping mechanism for the one time water tower at Schull Station survives.
Part of the original wooden door on the locomotive shed at Schull also remains, seen here. The Schull & Skibbereen Railway constructed a short extension of the line from the station which terminated at a pier at the town's harbour. This is a former railway overbridge on the pier extension which crossed a small river leading into the harbour. The former Schull & Skibbereen Railway pier at Schull harbour, where the line from Skibbereen finally terminated. Today the harbour and town is popular west Co.Cork tourist spot.