Gilford Road

Gilford Road, Sandymount, in Dublin City's southern suburbs, was the location for one of the tram depots which served the Dublin United Tramways company. The tram route from Sandymount to Nelson's Pillar in the city centre was first opened by the Dublin Central Tramway company in 1872. Originally horse powered, the tram line was converted to electric cars along with the majority of tram lines in Dublin in 1901. The Gillford Road depot was expanded to include larger tram sheds and accommodation for workers, which were built in 1894. The DUTC closed the Sandymount tram route in 1940. Surprisingly the rails entering the depot at Gilford Rd remains, as does the former depot buildings and houses.
The first depot structures at Gilford Road built in 1872 (on the left) were smaller than others on the Dublin tram system, as the original trams were single deck, mainly so to pass beneath the railway bridges between Westland Row and Lansdowne. Following electrification of the tram route by the Dublin Central Tramway company in 1901, the depot was expanded to include structures such as this one for handling larger tram cars. Although tram services to Sandymount ceased in 1940, the rails are still intact at the depot on Gilford Road. The cobble and tram tracks have simply been covered with tarmac. Another view of the entrance to the Gilford Road depot at Sandymount, the gate pillars on the right are obviously recent additions since closure.
Another view of one of the later larger built tram depot buildings on Gilford Road, Sandymount. The tram line from Sandymount to the city centre was first opened in 1872 by the Dublin Central Tramways company. It was electrified like the majority of Dublin tram routes in 1901. | Possibly one of the best preserved tramway houses built adjacent to the depot on Gllford Road, Sandymount. These were later additions added to the depot, been built in the 1890s. Close up view of the depot managers house at Gilford Road, complete with 1894 build date. The coloured array of workmens houses at the rear of the tram depot at Gilford Road, Sandymount.
At each end of the single storey row of workmen tram houses is another larger managers house, again well maintained. The yard at the tram depot at Guilford Road. It is appropriate that the Guinness advertisement displays Ireland's latest tram system, Luas.