Greenore, Co.Louth, was the terminus of the former Dundalk Newry & Greenore Railway, which ran from Newry down along the Carlingford Lough to Greenore port. The line which opened in May 1873, was later bought by the infamous London & North Western Railway (LNWR) and from then on the line had an LNWR influence which lasted right up to 1951 when the line closed. The trains used LNWR liveried coaches and locos even after the line had been taken over by the Great Northern Railway in the 1930s, after the successor to the LNWR, the London Midland & Scottish Railway, withdrew interest in the rail line. The large station at Greenore has long since been demolished, but the adjacent railway hotel stood for many years, untouched and disused. Unfortunately it was demolished in recent years. Today, little of the railway remains in Greenore.
This is the now demolished Dundalk Newry & Greenore and London & North Western Railway hotal at Greenore port, Co.Louth, dating from the 1870s. An LNWR water tower, adjacent to the site of the former D&NGR station at Greenore, which closed in January 1951. Today no trace of the terminus station remains.