Grange, south Co.Kilkenny, is located on the cross country Waterford to Limerick line, opened by the Waterford & Limerick Railway in 1853, and taken over by the Great Southern & Western in 1901. Grange was more of a halt than a full sized station which only served a very small village. Nevertheless it boasted up & down platforms, with a two storey station building on the up side, and a waiting shelter/goods store provided on the down side. At the east end of the station is the level crossing, and adjacent to which is the GSWR built signal cabin. Grange Station closed in 1963, but remained a block post until 1974, after which the signal cabin was reduced to a gatebox. The 1850s station building itself is unusual of the type built on the line and retains its original veranda and wooden benches. A siding and loading bank once existed on the east side of the level crossing beyond the signal cabin.
Grange plays host to 071 Class locomotive No.084 on engineering duties, as it propels a loaded ballast train through the station. The yellow painted guards van on this ballast train at Grange Station. Note the large plough attached to the underframe used for spreading the stones to either side of the rails and sleepers. Here we see the plough attached to the guards van in action, spreading the stones to the side of the rails at the east end of Grange level crossing. Grange, as viewed from the level crossing at the east end of the station, showing the two storey station building located on the former up platform. The latter day halt was closed in August 1963.
A view of 084 next to the attractive station building at Grange. The Waterford & Limerick structure dates from 1853, while the locomotive dates from 1976. The former down platform at Grange Station. The track serving the platform was removed in 1974. The loop itself at Grange was not particularly lengthy. The Great Southern & Western Railway signal cabin, located on the east side of the level crossing at Grange. The cabin was reduced to a gatebox after the loop and sidings were removed in 1974. A somewhat vintage scene at Grange Station from the down platform, with Victorian post box, signal cabin and crossing gates.
A view of the track at the eastern end of Grange prior to ballasting, with a rather primitive rail trolley carring welding equipment approaching the station. A road/rail excavator arrives at Grange Station and prepares to drive off the track and onto the former goods bank at the east end of the station. A view down the line at Grange Station, looking west towards Limerick. The 70th milepost is measured from Limerick, headquarters of the one time Waterford & Limerick Railway.