Milltown, a quiet location in the southern suburbs of Dublin City was first served by rail when the Dublin & Wicklow Railway built a station here in May 1860 on their 1854 built line from Bray to Harcourt St. The station had up & down platforms, with the station buildings been located on the up side adjacent to the parallel narrow road. At the north end of the station was/and still is a level crossing, and adjacent to this on the down side was Milltown signal cabin, which was abolished in 1923 when the station ceased to be a block post, it was demolished shortly after.

The Harcourt St to Bray line was originally closed by CIE in December 1958, but with having taken this short sighted decision, the line was partly reopened as a Luas line as far as Stillorgan in 2004, and to Brides Glen in 2010. The original D&WR platforms were exposed for a short period during the construction of the Luas line but were demolished to allow the building of the new station. Today, only the original platform retaining wall of the station survives on the up side. At the south end of the station the line crosses the River Dodder on the 'Nine Arches' built of Wicklow granite.