Moyasta Junction

Moyasta Junction Station, Co.Clare, is located on the 1887/95 narrow gauge West Clare Railway, which ran from Ennis to Kilkee and Kilrush on the Shannon Estuary. Despite modernisation, the West Clare line closed by CIE in February 1961, and was the last surviving 3ft gauge line in the country. Moyasta Jct is where the line to Kilee and Kilrush seperated. The station was the only triangular one of the Irish narrow gauge, and boasts a single storey station building, water tower, and newly reconstructed WCR style signal cabin. The station had once control over five level crossings in the Moyasta area.

The West Clare Railway company plan to reopen the line from Moyasta Jct to Kilkee, as the trackbed of the former line has been preserved. A museum and short stretch of line has already been established at the junction station, and the extensions are in progress to Kilkee.