Abbeydorney, Co.Kerry, is located on the Great Southern & Western Railways North Kerry line which ran between Tralee and Limerick. This line lost its regular passenger service in 1963, but remained in use for goods and sugar beet traffic until 1977. The line however remained in situ, with only weed spraying trains traversing it during the 1980s. It was finally abandoned in 1988 and the track was lifted shortly after.

Abbeydorney has a typical North Kerry line station building and goods shed. It also has the only remaining signal cabin on the line. The overgrown cabin is located beside the former level crossing on the R556 road, and opposite this is a derelict crossing keepers house. The crossing gates have been removed but a semaphore signal still stands beyond it.
This is the small two storey stone built station building at Abbeydorney. Part of the structure has been an extended since closure. The small goods shed at Abbeydorney. Sugar beet was handled here until 1978, after which only the weed sprayer visited the line in the 1980s prior to the lifting of the North Kerry line in 1988. This is the level crossing at Abbeydorney, looking west towards Tralee. The original LC gates were removed probably around 1988 when the line was lifted. View from the LC looking east towards Tralee, with a home semaphore signal and derelict gate keepers house on the right.
Closer view of the home semaphore signal at Abbeydorney. The small spectacle missing its arm indicates that there was once a loop siding at the station. folderimage folderthumb